Thursday, September 24, 2015

10th Annual Hamilton Film Festival - m.l.holton

Thrilled to announce that my short documentary about David Lambert: The Fastest Knot Tyer in Canada has been officially selected for the Documentary Short program for the 10th Annual Hamilton Film Festival. Running for one week during the early part of November this festival is WIDE-RANGING with over 200 films, a film expo, and entertainment throughout.

More info here: 
My effort will be showing with a few other short great films on 

Originally produced as an embed for a published article on Raise the Hammer in 2014, it's going to be a thrill to see it on the BIG SCREEN - Don't Miss It!

Monday, August 31, 2015


It's OFFICIAL!! Join Us!!  Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE - 
NEW perks & Updates added - Sept 11th, 2015

So thrilled to have such great support from those in the arts & film community.  Keep 'em coming folks - only 22 days to go!!  

UPDATE: 6 days to go! It would appear that we've not done so well on the Indiegogo campaign, but thanks to 'private' contributions, like arts impresario Robert Missen and famed Canadian artist, Charles Pachter, we're much closer to a 'start point'. Thanks be to everyone who has pitched in to help make this happen! Your pennies do count! Please do chip in what you can before October 5th. Cheers!  

Friday, August 28, 2015

FASM Studio Tour / PINHOLE LOCATION, Oct 3rd & 4th.

Mount Nemo - as seen from Gallagher Farm, Photo by m.l.holton
Delighted to be showing this year with Linda Ross Gallagher at her nifty organic farm, (donkeys even!), located just south of Derry Road on the Guelph LIne, in North Burlington. Linda is a fabulous painter & portrait artist. I will be exhibiting & showing my B&W pinhole photography as well as a selection of my hand-made pinhole  cameras. (A primer for those who don't know what 'pinholing' is, can look HERE. Wonderful location for an Fall STUDIO TOUR, nestled between Mount Nemo & Rattlesnake Point. Splendid views. The vibe is earthy, sacred and welcoming.

First weekend in October
Fine Arts Society of Milton, Fall STUDIO TOUR, 2015
Saturday & Sunday, 
10-5pm. Rain or Shine, FREE. 
21 Locations / 35 Rural-based Artists & Artisans

Maps and detailed brochures can be found at select locations throughout Burlington, Halton and Milton. Libraries, Senior Centres, Tourism Burlington, City Hall, etc. Seek and ye shall find!! 

 We can be found at No.11 on the map above.
Find us South of Derry Road, at 6691 Guelph Line. 
Lovely spot. Drop in, say hi, watch pinhole demos ... 
Pick up a print for your home or photo collection. etc. :) 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sounds of Summer - VIDEO

Ambient sound is the single most important element in any film ... It is the backdrop for all dialogue and action. Get it right, and the 'texture' goes unnoticed, get it wrong and the entire film can be jeopardized. Be sure, when on location, to record the ESSENTIAL sounds of place ...Offered here on my two channels: canadada on VIMEO & MLH Productions on YouTube. It is the same video. - Which format do you prefer?  (UPDATE: Consensus is in. VIMEO for better quality, but YouTube for efficiency & better public reach ... )

Ping Pong and Poetry with MLH - CULTURE DAYS CANADA - Burlington, Ontario

 Join Golden Horseshoe Artist, Poet & Filmmaker
Margaret Lindsay Holton
for a bit of 'round robin' fun ...

Saturday, September 26th, 2-4pm - (ONE DAY ONLY) 
@ Halton Hive (NB: formerly called 'Burlington Hive' ) 
901 Guelph Line, Burlington
LINK to EVENT here

 From Guelph Line & Fairview intersection, 
go UNDER the bridge towards Lowville, take 1st RIGHT IMMEDIATELY  

Fun to be showcased under the 
Ontario Activites - for CULTURE DAYS CANADA
and then again, on the Culture Days BLOG

Monday, August 24, 2015

'Peach Bounty'

Sometimes the unexpected beauty of the simplest things just catches your eye and takes your breath away. I had pulled some fresh peaches, put them in a bowl in the sink, was boiling the water ready to skin them, and just stood and LOOKED ... Then, went and got my camera ...Enjoy.

'Peach Bounty' by mlholton, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

Actor Jens Hansen as Canadian poet, Robert W. Service

Robert W. Service, Courtesy of Wikipedia CC.

Local actor Jens Hansen performs a spell-binding rendition of Robert Sevice's 'The Cremation of Sam McGee' ~ in the persona of the poet. This short film below has been made as a video embed for a review that I'm doing of the poet's life & major works for Brick Books of Canada: 'In Celebration of Canadian Poetry'. To be published in October, 2015.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hamilton Music & Film Festival, Sept 25th-27th - Yeah! I'm IN!

Thrilled that my 14 minute documentary short - 
'Harold Dickert: Burlington Luthier' - will be presented at this festival. 
Soon nice to see my film-making efforts finally come to fruition ...
Harold makes the most beautiful stringed instruments 
in exotic and local woods that have great tonal resonance and sound clarity. 
Showing at THE SPICE FACTORY at 
121 Hughson St North, Hamilton, ON
Check for schedule & tickets HERE.