MLH: SOLO - Carpe Diem! Sept 20th, 2015

Mark your calendars: 
SUNDAY, Sept 20th, 2015
- 2pm to 5pm - 

Enlarged Regional Map - HBRU on the Beach Strip - Easily Accessible via QEW
at this show is 50% OFF  
 to assist with the local film production of 
The Frozen Goose ... 
(IndieGoGo Campaign Link - STARTS 1st week in September. 
Campaign will run for 35 DAYS. Get in on it peeps!) 

( Facebook Fanpage for The Frozen Goose. )
YUP!! - 
See y'all there! :) 
FREE Lemonade & FREE Parking. 

(Link up thru EVENTBRITE to send yourself a Reminder.)

UPDATE - Sept 21st, 2015
Well, THAT was some SERIOUS FUN! 
... I've always said it's not QUANTITY that counts, but QUALITY.
The venue was superb as always, (great weather too) - lots to eat & drink -
PLUS a few outstanding new contributors to #TheFrozenGoose film project, (and a few new happy owners of 'mlh' art :)
Thank youTo each and everyone of you.  

SOLD - 'Last Stand' - Acrylic on Board, by M.L.Holton

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