Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter Solstice - Yule Tidings - 2017

Winter Solstice  -Yule Tidings - Acrylic on Board by M.L.Holton
It is so easy to forget the mighty and majestic 
celestial ballet that plays out above us on a daily basis. 

Planets swirl and twirl above and below us. 

We are a part of this ballet too. 

Imagine how far we've come, and yet too,
 imagine how far we have got to go ... 

May the Blessings of a New Year envelop you All. 
May they carry you forward in to this momentous & delicate ballet. 

Twirl on dear friends. 
Twirl on! 

 ...  with love, mlh
p.s. Here's a basic & informative article about the Winter Solstice.