Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Conor Harrington, Street Artist from Cork, Ireland

Detail from a Rodney Smith image ...
I was looking at some gimmicky Rodney Smith photographs recently - (in particular the background detail of an interior shot that evoked a somewhat predictable interpretation of another time & another era - look left) - and was also looking at an assortment of abandoned euro-castles shot by urban explorers ... when, by chance & consequence, I stumbled on the wonderful contemporary 'street art' by Conor Harrington.  WOW! To my eye, these images are a lovely fusion of traditional and contemporary that document the omni - 'colonial' decay of Western civilization as well as evoke a surprisingly uplifting 'future in-the-making'.  

On the other hand, it could just be the weather ...    
Samples of Harrington's work follows:

Marvelous, no? 

 p.s. I am trying a larger type size on my posts. 
You like? or not? Let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Exhibit 10: Art in the Workplace @ MIP, Hamilton

I'm 'in' with a pinhole photograph - 'Hawthorn Tree & The Fence Post' .
Dates: November 19th, with OPENING on November 29th.
Closing March 7th, 2013. All welcome.

 A few of my pinhole images were recently published in the 
wonderful HAL: Hamilton Arts & Letters Magazine  

Also, my brother, Luther Holton, is offering his first public art installation: 

This shows his provocative stone work about 1/4 of the way through.
(... photo portrait par moi tweeked in my 'White Out' way ... )

Opening Night: 

(A full & festive occasion, but not everyone was interested in the art .... )

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tara Krebs: Visual Enchantress ...

As I've mentioned before, periodically I stumble on a 'new' talent who is so evidently REALLY talented that I've got to toot their horn for a bit. Last week I popped in on the STELLAR solo show of Tara Krebs.
I didn't know much about her (and still don't really), except that I REALLY like what she's doing at the moment. Her works are so poignantly whimsical ... And if that seems a contradiction in terms, well, yes it is. But that's the FUN of her efforts. The earnest playfulness that immediately engages the 'viewer' is intoxicating. You just can't help yourself as you delve deeper and deeper into her striking 'small format' pieces.

Called, 'Narratives', these 'stories' seem like torn illustrations from some hybrid children's book, but on closer examination, there ain't anything 'childish' about this work. Masterfully executed, with a precision seldom seen these days, the 'stories' are intellectually and emotionally evocative, and oddly, very timely.
I guarantee that you will not come away from this exhibit 'bored'.

After a brief email chat, Tara has given me permission to mine a few shots from her website and post them here for you to consider. The following particular image worked its magic on me, especially after seeing a few 'preliminary' un-finished steps on Tara's blog, sample follows -  (Look closely in the 'unfinished' smoke-scape ... enchanting, isn't it? )

And another ...  (not my best 'copy/paste' repro ... )

 And another ...(better yet, go to HER SITE to be further tantalized ...)

 It is possible to procure these, and other of her engaging works, at very reasonable prices as 'photo prints' via Red Bubble. You just might want to do that. This is one to WATCH.

When compared to some of the Top 300 on Artnet, or the top 100 iconic artworks of the past 5 years one often does wonders ...To my mind, Tara certainly gets it.

Tree Wolf and Other Stories, 
Now showing at Hamilton Ontario's  
Show runs from Nov 4-30 - See it.

Update: In March 2014, I wrote this article about Tara's work, for Raise the Hammer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Oil Paintings: Fall 2012

 Fall Foilage, Hamilton Beach - oil on board

 Tree Tops - oil on board

'Salmon Running, Bronte Creek, Burlington' - oil on board

Sunrise over North Burlington - oil on board

And, my second 'political pic' ... 

'Birds of a Feather'

Photo transfer, highlighted by gold ink & oil

If interested in purchase, (including size & price),
please contact the artist.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Capture Oakville 12: Oakville Camera Club

Friday, November 23rd
7-9pm - FREE
Oakville TOWN HALL
Showing until January 2013. 

   In the Fine Art category -  
...  'Paint by Pixels' ... 
by yours truly 

The Oakville Camera Club hosts the 6th Annual Photography Exhibition, Capture Oakville 2012 * bringing together artists and art lovers from all over the GTA. 90 images will hang in the North Atrium of Oakville's Town Hall. Entrance is free and Open to the public. Oakville's Melissa Bel is playing live! Drinks are $4. Catering is complimentary.  Join us to celebrate local photographers and the town of Oakville *

Date: Friday, November 23rd, 2012
Address: 1225 Trafalgar Road
Time: 7:00pm

Update, Nov.24th: Great OPENING!! Lots of variety!

 Update Dec 3rd, 2012: 
Thrilled to have my image selected  
by the Town of Oakville  
for the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of 
their Parks &aRecreation Guide. 
25,000 copies will be distributed ...  woohoo ... :)
 Coming soon!