Friday, June 28, 2013

Tall Ships Enter Hamilton Harbour - Black & White Photography

 Waiting on the Tall Ships - mid-afternoon Friday, June 28th, 2013 - 
images taken from Hamilton side of the Burlington Canal


 Passing thru Modern Day artifacts .... 

Majestic champions of the Great Lakes ... 
even if they are of a bygone era ... 
(Published too as single photos in Raise the Hammer)

More on the Tall Ships Extravaganza 
in Hamilton over Canada Day Weekend - HERE
And their course within the Harbour - PDF

Monday, June 24, 2013

The War of 1812: Stud

Horses used in warfare has occurred for well over 7000 years. Recently, a play and film based on the novel, War Horse, brought the public's attention again to the plight of this domesticated animal caught within war zones. 

Today, near obsolete for this purpose, (except in  Afghanistan ), horses have been replaced by a cadre of  'defense contractors' who work in the 'arms industry'.  It's a trillion dollar business ...
While reading about the War of 1812, I was somewhat surprised to discover that the role of the horse during the two year long land skirmishes receive scant to no mention. And yet, transportation of men, supplies and artillery wholeheartedly depended on these truly extra-ordinary beasts of burden. 

To rectify this historical oversight, I present this painting - 'War of 1812: Stud'

'War of 1812: Stud' by Margaret Lindsay Holton 
acrylic on loose canvas - 6'W x 4'H
For price, contact the artist.
(Colours are a bit distorted in this photo reproduction, but you get the idea ... ) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Painting - 'eye-cloud'

'eye-cloud' by m.l.holton
(acrylic on canvas - unframed )

The IDEA here is to investigate the notion of how we are increasingly
 placing our 'memories' into corporate controlled "iClouds".
From a distance, the orchid above is seemingly 'hidden' in the 'cloud' ... 
yet, on closer examination, using our own eyes, the hidden flower
becomes distinct, and we thus naturally 'emboss' the image into our own memory.
Ergo, an 'eye-cloud'. No corporation involved. 
The mini ethereal gold spirals represent thoughts ...  

Detail of orchid bloom in 'eye-Cloud' by m.l.holton
For size & price, please contact the artist.

Note: the 'colour' on the larger image is more accurate then the 'detail'.
The black circles in the upper left of that image 
are actually small gold ink spirals, (better seen in the close-up.)