Saturday, December 22, 2018

New Growth - IPad Sketch by MLHolton

New Growth - iPad sketch by Canadian artist, MLHolton
Year-end mucking around ... There are several art apps available for ipad users that make this kind of finger-swiping doodling fun. This one is mostly an exploratory exercise that made it very quick to think about colours & forms, in contrast and in compliment. It's very easy to get into the 'groove' to just ipad doodle, to just play with it, and goof around. :) - Happy New Year. mlh

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Thoughts 2018

Dormant Orchard with Pine Winebreaker - Photo by M.L.Holton
Christmas is approaching. It's now Dec 17th. Parcels and presents have been made, bought and wrapped. Delivery has begun with visits to friends and family. It's a festive social time. More then anything though, this year, it's those who are gone that hover over the festivities. I miss my dear old dad a great deal. I miss his gentle good humor and considerate and competent ways. I am equally aware that this may well be my last Christmas with my dear old mum. Aging is a strange phenomenon because as much as our minds are alive and active our bodies do not have the same capacity to renew or sustain. Christmas seems to increasingly be a time to remember not only the cycle of life within the framework of the Christian faith, but Life's very natural limits. "INFINITY" and the "INFINITE" are grand thoughts, but, practically, everything in our day-to-day experience underscores how finite living and life really is. Life, as we know it, does end. Spring will, of course, come again, yet it will be a different spring ...

Season's Best to All.
Catch you on the flip side - mlh

Monday, December 10, 2018

Book Review of New Novel from MLHolton, TRILLIUM

Book Review: TRILLIUM - by MLHolton / Reviewed by A. Brindle

PLUS, A 4 STAR Silver Book Award from Literary Titan  - Received February 6th, 2019
TRILLIUM on Amazon. CA: