Friday, November 19, 2010

Fractal Star Dust

... and now for something completely different ... yup, I've been messing with fractals again, feeling the seasonal mood coming on ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New City Park 'walk-about', Nov.14, 2010

Back tracking our walk, we did a 'circle' around the upper parkland area. The last shot shows an old tractor tire propped up against a tree, with the land graded for the artificial turf playing fields in the background ...

It was encouraging to see this bird nest in one of the NEWly planted trees along the brow's edge ...

View from the brow back out over Burlington & the lake. Yes, a bit 'gray', but it IS November and still, a great VIEW.

Tree plantings along the brow edge. Our gut feeling is that at least half these 'newlings' won't make their first winter. None are 'deer/rabbit wrapped', and though tethered, some have already been 'uprooted' by strong winds.

Moss covered OLD escarpment rock off the Bruce Trail. This 'untouched' area is the BEST part of the park at present. It affirms that this LAND has been here for a long, long, LONG time.

EdeG strolling on the Bruce Trail, along the brow edge ... near the 'catalpa' tree ...

We explored this karst/sink hole and were kind of surprised to see that for all the 'designing' going on around the upper parkland area, old farm debris, like a rusty decaying metal feed drum and ancient tires, are still embedded in this natural creviss. Why haven't they been taken out? What purpose does it serve to LEAVE this debris in here? We don't know.

Lots of gates/fences around the new plantings. Why? It effectively interrupts the 'open' feeling that this location once naturally gave ...

... more fences ...

The above shot gives a sense of the 'old' brow forest and the newly planted saplings - strategically placed.
The next three images indicate HOW the water will run off from the fake lake into the ESA - (ecologically sensitive area). Above is the 'unfiltered/uncontoured' drain-off that sort of 'drifts' off towards the woods ... It's all a bit hap-hazard at the moment. It doesn't anticipate HOW the run-off from the synthetic artificial turf will IMPACT this ground water and/or land ...

The above shot shows the rock screening where the pipe leads out from the fake lake ...

The fake lake at New City Park. Wild canadian geese seem to like it ... so that's sort of good ... The current plan is that this water will be used to 'service' the artificial turf. All the water will drain directly back into the lake after it is used to 'wash off' the sanitizing chemicals, and 'cool' the heat islands of latex/rubber in the summer when they reach in excess of 120F.

Overall, it's an eco-disgrace, and that's why your VOTE is still needed. Federal & PanAm monies have 'hi-jacked' this PUBLIC park and will soon turn it into an 'exclusive use' tournament level soccer sport STADIUM facility. The money and this 'out of town' AMBITION is turning it into something it should NEVER be. Unless we do SPEAK OUT, we'll lose this Niagara Escarpment 'jewel' for good.

We want New City Park to be GREEN, from stem to stern, not fenced-in plastic turf with a half million dollar flood-lit stadium illuminating the landscape for miles around.

Give us back our park! Vote via this link -

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Stand ! New City Park-Tribunal Decision

Just completed this oil painting, 'Last Stand!'. It kind of encapsultes my recent thoughts about the recent 'developments' at New City Park, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Wildlife is on the 'edge', literally & figuratively; it's 'stuck', habitat & food resources ever-diminishing.

As of today, we are still waiting on the 'decision' from the Tribunal to determine the fate and future of this park. Will it be just another 'major sports facility' with FIELDS of plastic grass and a domineering metal-rod flood-lit SOCCER STADIUM? an end-point 'sports toursim destination' as has been latterly proposed by the PanAm Org in conjunction with the City Staff/Council? OR, will it REMAIN as it was ORIGINALLY planned as an 'eco-friendly & sustainable' mixed-use 'recreational' NATURAL parkland area for ALL living things? The verdict is still out ... we wait.

In the interim, please join me for my final 'formal' Friends of City Park 'Meetup' on Sunday, November 14th, NOON, at New City Park. Meet at the front entrance of the Park on Kerns Road (at Dundas Street). Rain or Shine. Please be sure to wear warm clothes & good walking shoes/boots. All welcome.
This 'walk-about' should take about an hour. We'll likely have the Tribunal 'decision' by then, so, depending on that outcome, future 'strategic' plans will be considered/discussed. Your ideas, and continued help, are much appreciated.
Please join me to go 'a-wanderin' before the snow flies -
Hope to see you soon - Lindsay
p.s. New City Park doesn't have a 'website' or 'location' yet. Use Google MAPS, search for 'Burlington, Ontario L7P 4V9'.