Thursday, October 4, 2018

TRILLIUM - A new Canadian Novel by MLHOLTON

This epic family saga begins after three diverse men arrive to the North American continent. Set in the Golden Horseshoe region of Canada, one arrives by foot at the Niagara frontier in the 1750s. Another arrives by ship from the island of Sicily to the burgeoning Hamilton port in the mid 1850s. The last arrives from Dublin just before the outbreak of WW1.

Over 250 years the Hartford, Di Angelo and O'Sullivan clans hunker down into the wine-making district of Niagara. Nothing remains sacred as opportunists pursue lust, land and loot. Ancient taboos are broken - and all hell breaks loose ... 

Wine enters the picture too - lots and lots of wonderful, lip-smacking wine.

Canadian artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton, aka MLH, explores changing manners and mores in this tell-all romp. Part poet, part mid-wife, part futurist, part sage, word-smith Holton creates an unforgettable and imaginative portrait of Canadian living.

Author of two other novels 'Economic Sex' (1985) and the award-winning 'The Gilded Beaver' (1999), MLHolton has also crafted short stories and poetry. 

After writing and directing, 'The Frozen Goose' (25 min DVD, 2016), she produced a spoken-word & electro-pop album 'CANADADA:TAKE TWO' (2017) to mark Canada's sesquicentennial. Her earlier poetry books, 'Bush Chord' (2006) and 'On Top of Mount Nemo' (2002) as well as her five photography books can be found on her website. 

*E-pub Edition releases January 2019* 
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First PRINT review / Dec Issue - The Bay Observer, 2018

2ND Excellent Book Review via Thomas Anderson of Literary Titan, January 2018.
**** 4 out of 5 stars ****
"I cannot recommend this book enough."