Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It's here!! Save on your pre-order of 'STICKS and STONES: Ten Canadian Short Stories' by MLHolton

Excited to announce the completion of a new short story collection - STICKS and STONES. Ten Canadian short stories have been compiled for your reading pleasure! Save by pre-ordering now! Formal Release and Launch is on October 16th when I am having my OPEN STUDIO as part of Canada Culture Days, 2021. Get it now! :) - Here's a teaser trailer ... Enjoy! And, please, leave your after-the-fact reviews on Amazon. - mlholton  

LINK > STICKS and STONES: Ten Canadian Short Stories 

Alternate links: APPLE BOOKS  or BARNES & NOBLE

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Checking in: New Painting & News

Phew. It's WARM out there! ... 87F in the shade ...

 'Woodland', Acrylic on Primed Canvas, by MLHolton'
In response, I have taken cover in the studio. Recently finished this inviting woodland scene that BREATHES with soft light, soft colours and overall 'coolness'. Final image is 31" square, acrylic on primed canvas, entitled 'Woodlands'. It will be available AFTER my 'Open Studio' on October 16th during Canada Culture Days.( Please drop a line if interested to purchase: a deposit will be required.) 

In other news, I've been very busy with the edit on the up-coming short story collection, STICKS AND STONES, and the new musical CD, GROUP THINK. Not quite ready yet, but getting there ... More on both projects will be posted soon on my social media outlets -  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on here, my general work site. So, hold tight. -- They're a comin'! - (Follow along via your preferred social media!)

IN THE MEANTIME, hang in there ... Keep your cooooooool ...