Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Wrap-Up for 2014.

Well, the weather is weird. First off, there is no snow. Not even a bit. No ice. No bracing refreshing COLD.

Still, the Earth Turns, and we're about to embark on another oblong cycle around the Sun.
Brace yourself.

Over a two day period, the landscape changed from this ...
to this ... 
with not a speck of snow in sight. 

Happy New Year Everyone. 
Catch up again soon - mlh

p.s. And here's my final painting for 2014 ...

 Inspired by a friend, HHD. Thanks Holly!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Northern Lights - via NASA

Stumbled on this amazing shot of the Northern Lights, via NASA recently. It kind of sums it all up, for me.
We really do live on the most amazing and enchanting planet ... It is a blessing - regardless of whatever 'god' you subscribe to ... Merry Christmas Everyone.  - Have a wonderfully festive and thanksgiving 'break' with dear family & friends. - We'll catch up again in the New Year.  - ho ho ;)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Signature Poem from 'Bush Chord', e-poetry book of 2006 ...


Bush Chord

Available in Bush Chord, 79 page poetry & pinhole e-book

pine poplar willow and punk wood
spit and spark
while bone hard elm birch apple and oak
hum harmonious
fine hard woods - good wood to burn
these wonder instruments pressure whistle
chattering, cheering, cackling
crackling within a hesitant cyclone of light
flickering flames
of sublime delight, warming slow, they give us life

parse this minor miracle of mega bio-physics
of holy fire drawn down
from primal sun
through leaves to rugged root shoots far flung
look here now
to this instant, brilliant burn
an intense unrehearsed liquid fire –
a sound symphony of sun struck lyres
complete and sacred
a rare but common gift

the honey musk smell of jumbled bush wood
burns deep into primal memory
     (remember those crisp sun-filled fall days
     of cutting, gathering, splitting, stacking,
     carrying, piling, drying, and cursing
     those back breaking loads?)

to get to this
this calm clear moment

to these bush chords

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Canadian Authors Association Holiday Social Event

7:30pm - 9pm 
Monday, December 15th, 2014
The Nathanial Hughson Art Gallery

I'll be there ... bells on ... 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

'Tis the Season & all that ...

Christmas, the approximated birth date of Jesus Christ, is one of the pivotal celebrations within the Christian calendar. It has become, as most know, increasingly smothered by commercialization. Frenzied families now accumulate 'stuff' to ornament their homes, their trees and fill their tummies.

There is nothing 'wrong' with celebrating Life's bounty with friends and family. 
It can be - and most often is - a wonderful joyful time of laughter and good cheer. 

But, increasingly, it is important - very important - not to overlook the larger issues that face our continued survival on this planet.

To that end, this year, in lieu of cards and extended gifts, I have made a sizable donation to an organization that I believe is doing GOOD WORK, work that is helping humanity move forward towards a more sustainable existence on Planet Earth - The Council of Canadians. 

Maude Barlow, an active champion and spokeswoman for this organization (amongst other things) continuously draws our attention to the Right of freshwater for all inhabitants. She is mighty opposed to Big Business, in collusion with governments, from diminishing or removing that Right.

I agree with her. Water, like AIR, is a fundamental Life-giving Necessity. As planet caretakers, we must, and can, do better. Please watch this documentary to further understand what really is at stake here. -  'Blue Gold: World Water Wars'.

Then, kindly consider a purchase of one of my decorative Fractal Christmas Ornaments to brighten your festive family celebration this year. - For every purchase made, I pledge to donate 50%  to The Council of Canadians so that they can continue to do what they do best.

Thank you for helping me - so that I may help them - help all of us.

Merry Christmas to One & All - 
Ho Ho :)