Wednesday, April 28, 2021

After One Year of COVID: Interview with Margaret Lindsay Holton

It's always so interesting to look back at various point in Time ...

In this instance, I was invited, in early April 2021, to discuss where I'm at - as an artist and author - one year after the onset of COVID. 

I remember the start of the pandemic rather vividly. It was mid March of 2020 and suddenly it seemed that everyone was going into lock-down mode. I just instinctively knew, as did so many others, that this was SERIOUS. We had to hunker down. I did not do a run out to stock-up on toilet paper, but I was struck by the disappearance of all fresh eggs from the local grocer. For two days, I literally hunted for fresh eggs - finally finding a dozen in a small convenience store. And the 'new reality' sunk in. 

Interestingly enough, James Strecker and I go back a lot further than one year ... Many years ago, when he was running a small and vibrant publishing house in Hamilton, I submitted a poem for an local anthology about 'what Life meant'. (A typical kind of artist Q&A!)  It was also one of the first poems of mine ever published. Here's the blurb for that #poetry book, This I Believe ...

 Well, time goes on ... as do writing projects ... 

Now, some 30+ years later, with three novels under my belt, numerous photo-books, two books of poetry and a social history about religion in Toronto, James and I have circled around again to each other. In the following interview, James asks, again, about 'what does Life mean' ... 

JAMES STRECKER: If, before the COVID crisis, you were asked for 50 words to summarize what you do, or have done, in the arts, what would you have said about your purpose and creations?

MARGARET LINDSAY HOLTON: I’ve been active in the local, national and international arts community for over 40 years now through a variety of disciplines: Canadian fine furniture design & making, painting, writing, experimental photography and short film works. Essentially, I am offering my vision of ‘how I see the world’ from this exact point – in Time and Space – on this, our amazing home planet. This has been my job … 

Read the rest of the free-ranging interview here.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

MLHolton in new 'Storytime for Grownups' Anthology

Thrilled to be included in the inaugural ‘Storytime for #Grownups Anthology: Series One & Two’, a #Paperback, published on April 17, 2021, edited by Jacqueline Belle 
JB: “This all started as something fun to do during covid-19 isolation & to promote positive mental health; especially for those isolated alone... it turned into so much more ... ‘Storytime for Grownups’ showcases indie & traditionally published #authors of various genre & #writing styles from around the world. It’s a wonderfully dynamic group of authors from different backgrounds, experience & abilities. 
‘Storytime for Grownups’ is a complimentary Twitter & YouTube-based narrated video project co-produced by Jacqueline Belle Poems and Guru Art Lifestyle. 
#Paperback includes short stories & poems by authors: Barbara Avon, Jacqueline Belle, Cheryl Burman, Kathleen Cranidge, Stoney deGeyter, David DeWinter, Jon Hart, Margaret Lindsay Holton, Karen Honnor, Jane Jago, Julie Kusma, Melinda Lucas, Sallie Moffitt, Val Ormrod, Bella Rayne, Romston, Carol Sheppard, Shylovedheart, Doug Stuber, Melony Teague, Duncan Wilson, Albert van der Steeg, and W Rix Victory II.” 
‘Storytime for Grownups’ BOOK LINK: 
(SAMPLE of 3 MLH YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKS): The Frozen Goose, written by MLHolton, narrated by Jacqueline Belle > 
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Friday, April 23, 2021

Four-Page Spread - MLHolton in #HillStrath Spring 2021 Review


From my old primary school, situated on top of the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - a very nice profile of my work over the past few decades in both art-making and writing ...

      As an 'old girl' (from many moons past went), I can attest to the solid educational framework that this private day school offers.  As an attending youngster, I LOVED the teachers, (even though some were ferocious on the outside, hint-hint, Mrs.LeRoy!). 

Overall, I appreciated the small class sizes, the wide-ranging curriculum that was devoted to creating well-rounded little girls and boys, the active sports days & theatrical productions, the life-long friendships made and the mushy peas at lunch hour in the school cafeteria! It was a wonderful place to just 'grow' .... 

'Immersed in Art' - a very much appreciated four-page spread about me in the 2021 Spring Edition of the Hillfield Strathallan College Review. 

Read the whole article here:

 (Page 3 of 4 ... Read the rest via link above.)  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

MLHolton Interview on IndieBookButler

There are varied ways and means to 'get-the-word-out' for #indie #authors. There are the traditional legacy media outlets that provide authenticity in one's local community. It can be a long process though that can take months, even years, to get good coverage. There are also local radio and news programs, augmented with Public Service Announcements (PSAs). These are fun to do, but fleeting in both the public imagination and as a 'record'. By far, the best reviews, interviews and community engagement comes from enterprising and focused bloggers who, not only know their audiences, but provide interesting and tasteful platforms for authors to just 'be themselves' ... 

I recently hired Indie Book Butler to do an interview with me. The have a very active presence on social media and are well plugged into the Twitter #writing and #reading communities. To my mind, two weeks of 'promo' from them, (includes daily promotion by them across social media platforms), is well worth the very reasonable $15 fee. It's effective, efficient and does reach the intended audience - YOU. 

... Here's a sample of how the interview started ...

Indie Book Butler: Let’s start things off with an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself for those not already aware of you and your work.

ML Holton:   'Hello all. – By profession, I’m an award-winning Canadian artist from southern Ontario, Canada. I live and work beside the magnificent great lake of Ontario and have been very active along its southern shore for over 40 years.

Few locals know that aside from my long-standing art practice is a dedication to the written word that has also spanned 40+ years.  I studied English Lit and Philosophy at University of Toronto, with an independent study year to pursue the ‘History of the English Language’ at the University of Edinburgh. After several years of other work, I returned to university to understudy with 2-time Giller Prize winner, M.G.Vassanji, in the Graduate Creative Writing Program at Humber College. In other words, I’ve played with words – their sounds and meaning – for as long as I can remember.

Today, aside from my visual art practice, I have completed two poetry books as well as a spoken-word/garageband album – ‘CANADADA: TAKE TWO’. I’ve been published in several anthologies (here and abroad), edited a social-religious history about Toronto, compiled eight small-press picture books that highlight my pinhole photography and paintings, written and directed a short narrative film – ‘The Frozen Goose’, written freelance art articles for local news outlets, and finally, I’ve completed three full-length novels, to date. In sum, I like to have serious fun!'

READ the REST of this fun & engaging interview on their site.

Wholeheartedly recommend their service. Timely, efficient and 'on point'.  

p.s. Just in case you missed it, here too is the MLH Spring 2021 News Update


The Clearing, Painting by MLHolton


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Dundas Valley School of Art - 50th Annual Spring Auction - Margaret Lindsay Holton

Thrilled to be included in the on-line art auction for the Dundas Valley School of Art this year, running from April 12th - to - the 17th. With another 3-week 'shut-down' imposed by the provincial government throughout Ontario, (effective Friday), it's becoming increasingly more difficult for traditional artists to show and sell their work locally. 

(... FYI, the #NFT 'digital art' craze sweeping through the global 'screen-living' community is not, sad to say, doing very much for those who have long honoured the challenge - and commitment - to make actual physical objects to beautify and enhance public and private 'real life' spaces ... )

In any case, I have put up a small, framed painting of Lake Ontario. The viewpoint in that work is from the center of the lake - where waves, wind and the horizon meet ...

It is hoped this vibrant small painting will appeal to all 'lake-dwellers', especially fans of the #GreatLakes of #NorthAmerica.

Fifty percent - 50% - of the final auction price is earmarked for the DVSA school so that they can continue their GOOD WORK to encourage and develop artists in a broad range of disciplines throughout the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario.

Please SIGN UP, look for my item under my name - or - #AU501

PLACE YOUR BID !!! -- May the Best Bid Win!


LINK HERE >> 'LIVE'Auction Site<< 

Register NOW. Bidding starts Monday, April 12th at 9am - runs until April 17th, 9pm.  


 --- and SOLD!  -- Yeah!

.... excerpt from  MLH Spring 2021 News Update ...

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