Thursday, April 8, 2021

Dundas Valley School of Art - 50th Annual Spring Auction - Margaret Lindsay Holton

Thrilled to be included in the on-line art auction for the Dundas Valley School of Art this year, running from April 12th - to - the 17th. With another 3-week 'shut-down' imposed by the provincial government throughout Ontario, (effective Friday), it's becoming increasingly more difficult for traditional artists to show and sell their work locally. 

(... FYI, the #NFT 'digital art' craze sweeping through the global 'screen-living' community is not, sad to say, doing very much for those who have long honoured the challenge - and commitment - to make actual physical objects to beautify and enhance public and private 'real life' spaces ... )

In any case, I have put up a small, framed painting of Lake Ontario. The viewpoint in that work is from the center of the lake - where waves, wind and the horizon meet ...

It is hoped this vibrant small painting will appeal to all 'lake-dwellers', especially fans of the #GreatLakes of #NorthAmerica.

Fifty percent - 50% - of the final auction price is earmarked for the DVSA school so that they can continue their GOOD WORK to encourage and develop artists in a broad range of disciplines throughout the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario.

Please SIGN UP, look for my item under my name - or - #AU501

PLACE YOUR BID !!! -- May the Best Bid Win!


LINK HERE >> 'LIVE'Auction Site<< 

Register NOW. Bidding starts Monday, April 12th at 9am - runs until April 17th, 9pm.  



.... excerpt from  MLH Spring 2021 News Update ...

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