Friday, January 18, 2019

'A View from the Easel' - MLHolton Lakeside Studio

Posted on Hyperallergic, January 18th, 2019

Lakeside Studio (2004-2012) of MLHolton, Lake Ontario, Great Lakes, Canada
NEVER SAY NEVER! --- Today, I received a most charming note from Deena at HYPERALLERGIC (a popular on-line art culture website) saying that my studio photo submission, from over FOUR YEARS ago, had just been published in their 'A View from the Easel' feature. She quaintly apologized for the long delay ...  

Better LATE, then NEVER, I say! --- It doesn't really matter that I am no longer at that wonderful location. I am not far away from there though and I still am on this wonderful body of water.

The lake is such a daily reminder of what is truly GREATER. ... Our amazing planet twirls, spins and wobbles, flying through space. The lake rises and falls to the tug of the rotating moon. Even with our limited scientific knowledge, it all remains most magical, mystical and mysterious.

Take a look at the other studios in the article. Deena made solid editing choices. I am very happy to be included  ...  Hyperallergic, January 19th, 2019.   

I am now offering this print for sale on Fine Art America - Have a gander! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Another Great Book Review for TRILLIUM by M.L.Holton

Reviewer writes: "I cannot recommend this book enough!" 

Yes! Thrilled by another excellent '4 out of 5 star review' for TRILLIUM. Set in the beautiful Niagara peninsula over a timeframe of 250 years from 1750s to 2000s, three very distinct families make a go of it.

The e-book of TRILLIUM is now available on Amazon.CA or on Books2Read (for alternate e-book formats). NB: US exchange rate in effect for US-based purchases.

Also, happy to report that the 'Artist 1st Edition' is no longer available. Updated print editions can be found on Amazon as a trade paperback, with 340 pages and the same cover design.

Finally, very pleased to be reviewed by fellow readers on GOODREADS

 I'm also working on an author's page over there, so please be sure to connect and/or follow along!

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