Saturday, December 12, 2015

'Doe at Dawn' - New & Final Painting by m.l.holton for 2015

'Doe at Dawn' - Acrylic by m.l.holton,, unframed
Inspired by a photo image that was swirling around the net, I liked that image and zapped it a la mlh. 
Happy enough with the result, though that that lifted hind leg will always bug me ... 

Here are some preliminary photos of the work in progress showing the undersketching, 
and a change in the background colouring ... Lotsa Serious Fun.

Underpainting, note that hind leg is better here ... arg.
ALMOST done, but changed the centre mountain 'blue'.... darkened it up.
If interested in purchase and size, please contact the artist. 
FINAL painting for 2015,
Signed, Dated and Numbered by Yours Truly.