Friday, October 18, 2019

Preliminary Painting - by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Preliminary - by MLHolton (2017) 
It's always fascinating to see which piece of art a client prefers

In 2017, I did the adjacent work, on some scrap paper, exploring a new brush technique on a fixed colour palette ...

I very much liked the 'cross-hatch' effect on this particular colour field and did a short series of landscapes to amplify my evolving discoveries.

A visiting client saw the effort, including this preliminary piece.

I was super delighted that he instantly bought it, then and there, unmounted and unframed. Bit of a surprise to me, but that's really how it goes sometimes. People just like what they like! - It really is that simple. - mlholton

The Hunt .... exploring and enjoying the bold palette  ... by MLHolton
... final effort in that series ... 'Sunset Thru the Trees' by MLHolton
Preliminary Painting - by MLHolton - SOLD
(NB: there's some colour distortion in this client supplied photo repro)

Monday, October 7, 2019


2019 Poster for @THERAWF 
In new historical fiction, TRILLIUM, by Canadian artist and author, Margaret Lindsay Holton, character Johnny Di Angelo, a rough-and-tumble farm boy from the Beamsville area, mingles with the landed gentry at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. 

The mix of low-brow country and high-brow city folk is unprecedented at this near century-old event. Black tie attendees are as bewitched as the barnyard crowd during the world-renown horse carriage and dog shows. The international jumper class is one of the highlights of the fair. Johnny is there, dressed in his new black tie, on the arm of a stunning socialite ... With his canny intuition, Johnny knows that the after-show 'mix & mingle' in the exclusive Tanbark Club is all about business and new connections. His aim is to grow the TRILLIUM brand and he soon gets to work ...

Read more! TRILLIUM - #ebook or #paperback -


The Royal offers soooo much!