Thursday, August 15, 2019

Writers must Write what they want to Read ...

Thrilled by this up-coming review of my third novel, TRILLIUM, from author & book blogger, Lina Hansen of #Germany. 

Excerpt follows:

Original and unique ... an epic saga of three families spanning generations … that grows as organically as the peach trees in Tom’s orchard. … I certainly enjoyed being transported back into a world where the horseshoe falls were not besieged by tourism but were still a thundering miracle in a wondrous wilderness. I enjoyed reading about the struggles of the first Europeans and their interactions with the original dwellers of this land. … Holton … gives us a narrative that is as unrushed and serene as a slow-flowing river. ... Steeped in … a keen love for nature and lovingly viewed with the eye of an artist … paints settings with words and shows us a place long lost in time. … I trusted the author to bring it all to a satisfactory conclusion … she did not disappoint … could well have been the Canadian version of “Outlander” … magic in the words.- Goodreads: 4 starLina Hansen, August 15th, 2019 

Link to her site coming soon! (She also very kindly sent a personal note: 
- " .... readers should find this novel, it deserves to be read."

Thank You Lina! 
UPDATE: Lina's blog LINK

Enjoy a #IndieAugust late #SummerRead set in #Niagara #winecountry