View from MLH Art & Writing Studio, Lake Ontario

Book Cover of latest novel, 2019 Release
Hello! - WELCOME to my art & writing blog! 

I've been hosting this blog for over a decade. You'll find some of my favourite copyrighted pinhole and digital collage photographs. PLUS much of my other fine art work, like my pencil portraits and my signature 'Canadada' "naive-surreal-folk-abstract paintings. If ye be interested in licensing or purchase - contact me via email below. (Sizes and base materials vary.)

And, for those who would like to know, I'm a self-taught, born and bred Canadian artist,  author and filmmaker from Southern Ontario. Voted 'Arts Person of the Year' by City of Burlington's BEST Committee in May, 2017, and a 'Alumni of Influence' by the University of Toronto in 2018.

I have been 'making' Canadian material culture for over 40 years ... check out my past work, like my Canadian Fine Furniture or soft & oil pastels  (listed in the 'Direct Hit Links' on the Right) or my photo art books, novels and poetry published by Acorn Press Canada.

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