Monday, August 17, 2020

Fantasy Map Done for Historical Fiction: TRILLIUM by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Growing City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Southern Shore of Lake Ontario c
It has been my desire for quite some time to DO A MAP that would somehow convey 250 years of evolution on the Niagara peninsula where my third novel TRILLIUM is set - while, at the same time, convincingly convey the fictional aspects of the story about three diverse families who are inescapably intertwined over land, lust and loot ... It was a nagging writerly-type problem ....

Detail from TRILLIUM book MAP
I searched and searched for the Right Person able to undertake this demanding commission, then stumbled, quite fortuitously, on Dutch artist, Chaim Holtjer. 

I was first introduced to Chaim Holtjer's 's inventive work via Twitter. He followed me at @TrillLINDSAY and I followed him back ...

I started to look around his posts and thought "YES .... great fantasy - yet grounded in a believable realism."

We soon connected via FIVERR, and the rest, as they say, is history. Literally.

The fantasy of #HistoricalFiction ... Chaim started with my word premise of what I wanted and needed. (I supplied about 200 words of same, and attached a Google map of the area.)  He responded with a rough sketch that incorporated the basic points as I'd requested.  I responded with a 'mark-up' on that sketch. And then, left him to it ... It took him 2 weeks from start to finish.

(Calligraphy is NOT his strong suit)

Granted, Chaim is not the best calligraphic artist I've ever known ...
But he does SUPER EXCEL  in interpreting landscape, real & imagined. And the price is right.

His FINAL map - uploaded into the paperback and ebook editions of TRILLIUM today - is a wonderful compliment to the story! It will most certainly assist new readers to place those three dynamic fictional families into the ever-evolving region of #Niagara ...

Dive into TRILLIUM !! 

Deepen your understanding of the fascinating history and unique people of the area. Explore the unique times we've lived in. Gain better understanding of the challenging times we live in now. As many readers and critics say:
(And SOON expect an amazing #audiobook rendition, narrated by fab actor > Jens Hansen!)

P.S. If any past readers of TRILLIUM would like a copy of the map, let me know!