Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brick Books Celebrates 40 Years of Canadian Poetry

The esteemed Brick Books (of London Ontario) is celebrating 40 years of poetry publications. (No easy feat in Canada's publishing climate...). To commemorate this noteworthy event they have developed a retrospective overview of living (and dead) poets who have been re-interpreted by keen readers - and listeners - of poetry.

I am delighted to say I've been profiled in Week 13 of this wonderful project. The ever-gracious Dr. Carol Soucek King, a former fine furniture design colleague, and friend, has profiled several of my earlier poems in her engaging and flattering tribute. 

Sample words by Carol follows: 'I had written some decades ago about the expertly crafted warmth, charm and wit that Lindsay brought into her award-winning furniture designs. These qualities are so deeply inherent in her Self that it should be expected that they would be cornerstones for everything else she does, especially those items produced by her writing hand.'

It is an honor - and a privilege - to be represented amongst such august poetic Canadians.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dundas Valley: Spring 2015

Back to painting. Did a little 'study' that I then transformed into a much larger painting (6'x4') of the view from on top of the Escarpment overlooking the Dundas Valley. Oddly, I'm liking the study better, even though it is on a wrinkled canvas with obvious slap-dash errors. Strange how that happens sometimes ... Still, at the end of the day, I paint for YOU to enjoy. Hope you like this most recent effort.
If interested in purchase, please get in touch. Cheers, mlh

'Study' Dundas Valley, Spring 2015 by m.l.holton - acrylic on loose canvas

Dundas Valley: Spring 2015 - acrylic on canvas - by m.l.holton
and then, just for fun ... 
another piece that emerged from a deep & peaceful dream from not too long ago ...
.... must be Spring ... those colours & the light :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Greater Hamilton Music Directory LAUNCH - March 11th, 2015

Glad to be one of 97 funding-supporters behind the
brain child of music teacher & musician, Glen Brown.

I've got a little advert in the directory
for my last summer CD release, Summer Haze
( MLH plays a century-old Canadian-made Bell Upright. 
Originally recorded 30 years ago ... transferred to CD last year: Lotsa Fun!)

Glen has worked tirelessly to get this directory out in time for the JUNOS, 
hosted this year, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. - Look for it. 
It's chock-a-block full of local talent, musical gear, editorials & jammin' activities. 

LAUNCH of 'Greater Hamilton Music Directory'
happening at HOMEGROWN HAMILTON (map link)
Wednesday night, March 11th, 5:30pm onwards .... 
27 King William Street, downtown, in the Hammer.
Get yer printed copy there! 
Excerpt from on-line edition - Summer Haze advert.

Monday, March 9, 2015

'Artists of Halton&Peel' at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

Thrilled to have one of my paintings selected for the inaugural juried show
'Artists of Halton & Peel Counties' Exhibit
at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

 Opening Reception: Sunday, March 15th, 2-5pm
Showing until April 19th, 2015 
Where? - 1086 Burnhamthorpe Road, North Oakville, Halton County

Great vibe in this lovely facility, with a very groovy renovated barn 'space'. The centre includes twelve acres at the headwaters of Sixteen Mile Creek, North Oakville, in Halton County. Jurors for this show included: Dick Rampen, a multifaceted artist with over 25 years teaching as an OCAD professor, and Shirley Erskine, a highly renowned & respected artist, and teacher/resident at Joshua Creek Studios.

All welcome to the reception on Sunday, March 15th, 2-5pm -
or drop by during the week from Tuesday to Sunday, 1-4pm.
Otherwise, by appointment only. Call ahead.
See you there!  
(p.s I have to split a bit early, at 3:30-ish on Sunday)

Update, March 16th: GREAT OPENING! Great turnout for this show!
 with Founder of Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, Sybil Rampen, front & centre :)
(in front of my painting - 'Spring Creek'.)

 ... and spring oozing everywhere. It's just around the corner. 
Saw flocks of geese landing in thawing corn fields ... a welcoming sight.

UPDATE: Exhibit extended until May 2nd. 
Get up there if you can!


Sugaring Off at Westfield Heritage Village

I just love this time of year ... the sun is slowly warming up everything ...
 There's nothing more indicative of spring then the rising of tree sap ...

This hardy trio is tapping 160 maple trees at Westfield Heritage Village over the next few weeks. 
The syrup fest runs on March 15, 22, & 29, Good Friday April 3 and Easter Sunday, April 5, as well as Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19 during March Break.  All are welcome.

WATCH - Sugaring OFF! - via VIDEO LINK

One maple tree produces about 1 litre of pure maple syrup after the sap is boiled down.
'Tapping' is a native tradition, adopted by the French, then the English. Examples of that evolution are re-enacted all around the village by enthusiastic volunteers who play-out our colonial history. The wafting smells of wood smoke and boiling sap are a intoxicating combination when walking from display to display.

 Log cabin mistress tends a cooking fire at Westfield Heritage Village, March 2015. 

The19th century schoolhouse. No computers or cellphones needed for education back then ...

Main means of transportation before rail or auto
If going, be sure to wear good water-tight boots. The snow is melting fast, and it gets muddy. 

 Westfield Heritage Village is near Rockton, Ontario, about 40 minutes from downtown Hamilton, by car.  
For more information, including maps & entrance fees, link to Westfield Heritage Village.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Front Cover of Silver & Gold SPRING 2015 edition

'Lilacs over Stone Post' by mlh
SILVER & GOLD is an adult (45+) lifestyle magazine 
for the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario, Canada
-  (on-line circulation of 10,000; print circulation of 40,000) -
Spring Edition 2015 - front cover photography by yours truly