Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brick Books Celebrates 40 Years of Canadian Poetry

The esteemed Brick Books (of London Ontario) is celebrating 40 years of poetry publications. (No easy feat in Canada's publishing climate...). To commemorate this noteworthy event they have developed a retrospective overview of living (and dead) poets who have been re-interpreted by keen readers - and listeners - of poetry.

I am delighted to say I've been profiled in Week 13 of this wonderful project. The ever-gracious Dr. Carol Soucek King, a former fine furniture design colleague, and friend, has profiled several of my earlier poems in her engaging and flattering tribute. 

Sample words by Carol follows: 'I had written some decades ago about the expertly crafted warmth, charm and wit that Lindsay brought into her award-winning furniture designs. These qualities are so deeply inherent in her Self that it should be expected that they would be cornerstones for everything else she does, especially those items produced by her writing hand.'

It is an honor - and a privilege - to be represented amongst such august poetic Canadians.

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