Monday, March 30, 2020

Spring 2020 - Two Paintings by MLHolton

The euphoria felt at Spring's arrival is undeniable. It's like everything is waking from a great long slumber and S-T-E-T-C-H-I-N-G - WIDE AWAKE!

Two paintings follow, one painted last week -'Spring - from the Mountain Brow, 2020'.

The latter is an older Spring painting, when the warmth of the air and soil nurtures tulips to bloom.


Spring -from the Mountain Brow, 2020 - by MLHolton - (Signed and Dated)

Tulips in the Garden - by Canadian Artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Writer's AIM - by M.L.Holton

'Protect Your Spirit', by MLHolton, 1991
There is a certain inevitability that a writer will have a reading critic who hates your work.

I encountered this last year when I learned that an assigned book reviewer for a local newspaper was intending to publish a disappointing '3-STAR' review of my latest novel.

It would have been the first '3-STAR' review after numerous '4 to 5 STAR' reviews from destinations as far flung as the UK, Germany and California.

Naturally, it was upsetting. It hurt.

I could not understand why the author would bother writing a review if she didn't like the book. So, naturally, I asked her why she did.

She responded quickly saying that it was no reflection on me as the author, but rather, a response to the work. (---huh?) When I queried further, she got defensive and said that she writes reviews for her audience not mine. (---huh? That was an odd thing to say. What became apparent was a telling lack of the 'meeting-of-the-minds'. We were not going to 'click', then or ever.

But my writer's mind could not let it go ... I wanted to understand WHY there was no bend in her opinion. Yes, I understand her opinion is her prerogative. But equally, there seemed no desire on her part to understand how and why I had written this work. There seemed no basic interest to empathize  - and this lack of empathy raised more questions than it answered ...

The bigger issue soon became, for me, about a writer's insatiable desire to be liked. Writers want our words to resonate with our readers. We want them to 'get it': to affirm our perspective, to applaud our insights and efforts. At a very primal human level, we want them to 'like', not only our work, but us.  

Well, clearly, Life just doesn't work that way. Critics critique: good or bad.
What's more, I know I have my own prejudices and blind spots too.

I do not, as example, care for 'horror'. - (There's quite enough of that in 'real life' : why would anyone want to amplify that in books or film?) - Because of this dislike, I know I could never write a unbiased review of a work of horror. I know my antipathy would reflect back badly in any review. So, I just wouldn't bother. I also know I am in the minority about the love of this genre. There are far more horror fans than there are historical fiction fans out there now. This fact invariably leads to the notion of 'popularity' and that quickly leads to the question of Why a Writer Writes ...

Am I writing to be popular? No. That's not my aim.
Am I writing to be understood? This is the most likely.

Novel writing, in particular, allows long-form exposition. It allows authors a chance to draw a large picture for readers of a constructed reality where characters act out their vices and virtues within fixed perimeters. The twists and turns of plot make sense within that invented world. As writers, we are offering a 'whole package' to readers of our personal vision, unique to our own experience and times. Our finished works represent our singular voice.

Writers generally aim for a kind of universality as chroniclers of the human condition. - As example, most writers compose with 'a sense of knowing' of familial relationships. They write with first-hand knowledge of the dynamics between mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, siblings, sons and grand-parents. We expect readers to resonate with these depictions - not only because they are commonplace - (everyone has a mother and father) - but because #families represent the common human framework from which all human life has emerged ... until very recently.

Emotional Empathy Shift - Example
Have you noticed this SHIFT too? 

There seems a growing propensity amongst a certain crowd to identify with fake 'super-humans' and #scifi #dystopian plots filled with #alien and #horrific characters.

They're not as interested in the earth-bound interactions of our common human family as they are in the antics of their own disenfranchised peers. The reasons for this jarring and fanciful Emotional Empathy SHIFT are manifold and not really the point of this post.

Even so, this observation does explain, to some degree, the 'off-reading' between the above noted book reviewer and myself. We will not, and perhaps fundamentally, cannot, see 'eye-to-eye'. We may be from the same typographical region of Southern Ontario in Canada. I know that we drink the same tap water from the Great Lake and breathe the same air - but we, as humans, are not 'like-minded'.

At core, the element that seems to distinguish our preferred 'likes' and 'dislikes' seems to be our age. We are separated by decades of generational 'screen' influence and life perspective. Her current lived 'reality' is not my 'reality', anymore than my current lived 'reality' is hers. Call it #AGEISM if you will.

And yet, this is the point where I start to realize and recognize that perhaps my writing ambition has, indeed, failed. If I have been able to conjure a believable fictional world filled with engaging characters that she could empathize with, then my writing craft would be as universal as I had aimed and hoped.

Or, perhaps it's just a lot simpler than that. - I hate horror and nonsensical alienating tropes and she doesn't like my way of writing. We are who we are - at this time and in this place - and that's that.

On a lighter note, I did just receive another 5-star review for TRILLIUM .... this time from the southeastern shore of Ireland by delightful, family-inspired, Irish novelist, Mary Crowley.

So, all's good. Life really does go on - as we like it, or not.


Apropos the above, some #writers and #readers may find this link useful ... >

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Zeitgeist of TRILLIUM by MLHolton

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - circa 1800s
Very excited to share two recent events that capture the 'zeitgeist' of my latest #canlit novel, TRILLIUM ---

First, TRILLIUM has recently been listed on - a thoroughly engaging website that links books-to-place.

TRILLIUM scores 5 stars for LOCATION and CONTENT. It is a wonderful acknowledgement that my words are deeply rooted to the landscape on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The tripfiction website is an ideal site to send to anyone coming to the wine-making peninsula of Niagara.

Shoot visitors this link to TRILLIUM as a preparatory read!

Filled with distinct characters over a span of 250 years starting in the mid 1750s, TRILLIUM explores the rural roots of three principal & distinct families - the Italian Di Angelos, the Irish O'Sullivans and the Anglo-Canadian WASPs, the Hartfords. As their lives intertwine over the decades of centuries, their children inter-marry. - But there are secrets: deep, dark family secrets ...

Second, one of my ambitions vis a vis this book project over the past year was to create a 'playlist' that captures the zeitgeist of the novel. After a few false starts, I think I've finally got it! With a mixed medley of nearly 300 tunes, (or 16.5 hours of listening pleasure), I am very happy to share this zeitgeist mix on SPOTIFY.

I have just recently learned that SPOTIFY also has a computer and TV streaming app option. The TV streaming option is fabulous way to listen if you've got a good sound system hooked up. A very popular music site, listening-in is free on Spotify, with ads. I'd say it is well worth the small membership fee for uninterrupted listening pleasure! - If you love music, it will be hard to leave!

For those who have read TRILLIUM, tune into the TRILLIUM PLAYLIST on SPOTIFY.
For those who haven't read it yet, TUNE IN and see if you might like to ...  (One character, Kieran O'Sullivan, has an extensive record collection from the 1930s, 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s ... Fun!)

Let me know what you think! Is there a good representation of music that wafted over southern Ontario from the mid 1750s to 2001?! When compiling it, I believed that contrary to current trends and influences, music that arrived south of the lake in the past two centuries would have come in by ships first, and then by radio stations from the States, principally Buffalo and Detroit. Thus, many of the East Coast sea shanties and popular American tunes in the playlist. -- Am I missing anything that you think is absolutely essential to reflect the decades from 1750 to 2001? -- Let me know!

Putting this list together has been a real labour of love: I had to listen to hundreds of fantastic, memorable - and dance-inducing - musical tracks. Hurled back in time, I stumbled on old favourites & all-time classics . Oh my - 'House of the Rising Sun' - CLASSIC!!! - Tune in to the TRILLIUM playlist!

If a regular on Shopify, be sure to follow the playlist.
I'll be adding more tunes as time allows.

My one regret is that I didn't set up the playlist chronologically. But after listening for awhile, I rather like how Spotify's algorithms 'shuffles'. Tunes lead naturally into each other. (Does it really matter that they may be decades apart?)

The main IDEA is to capture the zeitgeist of several evolving eras in southern Ontario ... I think it does do just that.

--- ENJOY!

Read more - TRILLIUM - by MLHolton
LISTEN IN to the TRILLIUM playlist on SPOTIFY!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Sunshine Blogger Award Nominee - MLHolton Arts Blog

Lake Ontario - by MLHolton
How flattering to be nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Veronica Cline Barton with her always entertaining writing and travel blog - My American Almost Royal Cousin Series.  It is a delightful treat to be included in such august blogging company!

The Sunshine Blogger Award empowers bloggers to celebrate other bloggers who are creative and bring positivity to the blogging community.

Veronica was nominated by Welsh writer and book blogger, Jessica Cahalin, who runs the charming book blog, 'Books in My Handbag'. And now Veronica is nominating me - and 10 others. Hoorah! 

In order to showcase the Sunshine Blogger Badge, the rules are simple.

Link back to your nominator, answer their 11 questions, then, select 11 more good bloggers and ask them your 11 questions. Pass it on! 

All nominees are under no obligation to play, but, remember, kindness begets kindness.

It is hoped that blog-wandering visitors will find engaging new content and possibly a few new friends along this Sunshine Bloggers trail.

Once posted, don the Sunshine Blogger Award Nominee badge with pride!

Here are the 11 questions Veronica supplied to me:

1.        A fav travel destination?
 I’m a surprising home-body these days, after several decades of wanderlust. One spot I loved was Wales and would go back in a heart-beat. Very fond memories of the people and the scenery there.
2.        Favorite outfit or fashion accessory?
A ring given to me by my father before he died. It means a great deal to me. I remember once when I thought I lost it on the streets of Toronto and was inconsolable until it was discovered in a cloth nap at the bottom corner of my cloth coat pocket. Awful feeling to think I'd lost it. 
3.        A subject you’d like to learn more about?
Hmm. I always wished I leaned to speak Italian properly. I have some German, Spanish and French. I also wish a knew more about continental Asian and Indian history.
4.        Architectural style that fits your personality?
Elegant, classic Georgian. Proportions are so GOOD.
5.        Are you better writing or speaking?
Definitely writer, I choke up at public speaking events.
6.        Do you think aliens exist (the truth is out there!)?
No, though ‘aliens’ is a pretty all-encompassing word. Humanity only knows a fraction of what the universe holds. Even at our feet: how well can any of us NAME what is there?
7.        What’s your proudest achievement (non-family)?
I was inadvertently involved with a court battle to save a public park from an injection of plastic grass. We lost, but we put up a damned good fight at the Environmental Tribunal, even forcing City Council to fly in ‘experts’ from the States to attempt to refute our claims for safety and good sense. (Those experts had the gall to attempt to hood-wink the Hearing Officer with a ‘false’ product submission. We called them out and it was removed! The gall!)
8.        3 photos to capture where you are today ?
Studio by lake, with an open Hearth  and A Sunshine Award Nomination on my mind! 
9.        Top 2020 goal?
Finish and produce Audio version of TRILLIUM. Then, package up Screen Producer’s Package. 
10.   Winter snow or sun and sand?
I wilt in the hot sun. - Love the layering, light and coziness that winter brings.
11.   Outlander or Downton Abbey or ???  -- 100% Downton Abbey. 

Now, Part 2. Nominate 11 other bloggers ...
1. I used to follow quite a few good bloggers when I ran my writing-specific blog over a decade ago, but not so much anymore. That said, I have just recently become affiliated with Sally Cronin's lively blog in Ireland, Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. So, I am passing along a Sunshine Blogger Award nomination to her. - Sally, I nominate you! 

2. There's another great blogger in #Ireland who I have been following for years, Colette O'Neill. She runs a very engaging website and Youtube channel - Bealtaine Cottage. You'll love her engaging videos, still photographic images and grassroots philosophy of life. I wholeheartedly pass along another Sunshine Blogger Award nomination to her. - Colette, I nominate you! 

3. A wonderful semi-anonymous blog/diary from Paris by a clear veteran of the culture scene and written in a lively and informed tone. Sample here: A Paris Diary by Laure - Laure, I nominate you! 

As for the eight others, give me sometime to get their links up ... They are coming.

Log On - Photo by MLHolton
If game, here are my 11 questions for you:

1.  Cat or Dog? - why?
2.  Favourite Colour - why?
3.  Favourite footware - why?
4.  Favourite piece of music today - why?
5. Where were you this time last year?
6. Where will you be this time next year?
7. Favourite mode of transportation - why?
8. Favourite chapeau - why?
9. Favourite 'first name' choice, male.
10. Favourite 'first name' choice, female.
11. Your happy place - why? (3 photo optional)

Here's to A Great Gaggle of Communicators! 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

TRILLIUM by MLHolton now available in the UK & Ireland!

TRILLIUM - by Canadian author MLHolton - NOW REPRESENTED in IRELAND!
TRILLIUM is now represented in IRELAND!

It is always so exciting when my latest novel, TRILLIUM, finds a new home! 

In this instance, I am delighted to announce an affiliation with Sally Cronin's fabulous life blog - Smorgasbord Cafe & Bookstore' - on the rugged and beautiful east coast of IRELAND. 

Sally's engaging website is chock-a-block with her varied domestic & literary interests. Plus, today is Sally's Birthday! - How auspicious! 

And how fitting that one of the central characters in TRILLIUM, Paddy O'Sullivan, immigrated from the east coast of #Ireland to #Canada in the 19th century. His dynasty is established through 250 years of blood, sweat and tears on the burgeoning Niagara Peninsula. Arriving as a poor man, Paddy swiftly builds an enviable real estate empire throughout southern #Ontario. By the time his great grandsons have their day, the O'Sullivan clan is a force to be reckoned with. And it is those two boys, Sean and Eric O'Sullivan, who then shape the O'Sullivan legacy for the NEXT generation ... READ MORE!
TRILLIUM is now available in IRELAND & the UK!
p.s. Happy Birthday Sally & Thank YOU! :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Women's Art Association of Hamilton - 125 year Anniversary: A Book Celebration

Commemorative Publication to celebrate 125 years of the Women's Art Association of Hamilton
Thrilled to be included in this lovely new book published by the Women's Art Association of Hamilton's to mark this vital arts organization's 125th Anniversary Year!

One of the oldest, if not oldest, art organizations in Canada, ( they predate the Women's Art Association of Canada and even Canada's Confederation), the WAAH has always understood the beneficial and restorative power of art. They understand the necessity of art creation and education to transform lives. 

With a focus on living female artists throughout the decades, this engaging arts organization presents annual scholarships to promising art students. It also holds regular art exhibitions for its members at various locations throughout the region including the Art Gallery of Hamilton , the Carnegie Gallery , Dundas Valley School of Art and the Conservatory for the Arts.

I have been a member of this art-advocacy group since the the early 1980s. It is always an interesting and fun experience to exhibit my 'naive-surreal-folk-art' paintings with members of this engaged bunch of ladies! We always have great turn-outs at the openings with (generally!) positive half-page press coverage from the largest regional newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator. 

Freesia & Hummingbird, 2013. - Copyright by MLHolton
It is a now my added pleasure to  have a few of my earlier paintings included in this new archival 125th year publication. What a marker!  

Of particular note is the one shown here: Freesia & Hummingbird, painted in 2013. This well-loved piece went on to become the cover wrap for my first musical CD, Summer Haze.

I have also been very honoured over the years by several invitations from past and present Presidents of this organization to speak about my life and practice as a living artist in southern Ontario as part of their informative and lively 'Speaker's Series'. 

An important cultural organization for the City of Hamilton, it is my sincere hope that the Women's Art Association of Hamilton will continue to inspire and promote talented artists on the local, national and global stage for another 125 fantastic years! Congrats to all members! With a particular shout-out to artist Carol Soo Lum who compiled this extraordinary legacy for this wonderful Canadian arts organization. Well done Carol!

Back Cover - with 36 current members including YOURS TRULY! :)

Friday, January 31, 2020

Canada Book Award! - for TRILLIUM by M.L.Holton


Wonderful! TRILLIUM selected for another
Pick up 'TRILLIUM' - now on AMAZON!

UPDATE:  It's so gratifying when various readers and reviewers compare TRILLIUM to the works of such accomplished authors as Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Edward Rutherford, and Diana Gabaldon. It helps me a great deal to know how my structured phrasings are impacting others. Thank you all for your on-going interest and support, and YES, as promised, the audio version is 'in-the-works' ... More coming on that soon ... mlholton, author. - Feb 4th, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Blast from the Past! The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous, Reviewed by V.Cline Barton

To date, I have written three novels: ECONOMIC SEX in 1985,  The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous in 1999 - and my most recent effort, TRILLIUM, released in 2019.

For a quiet Canadian writer working in the boonies, it is a delightful and slightly unnerving experience when a more prolific and socially active American author reviews - and then extols - one's lesser known work.

When that reviewing author then gives that lesser known work  another FIVE star review  - it is hard not to sigh in relief and immense gratitude.

Could any writer ask for more?!?

The reviewing author of my last two novels, Veronica Cline Barton, is a fertile writer of a charming cozy murder series that has her main protagonist, Gemma, bounce back and forth from the States to the United Kingdom. Integral to Gemma's evolving story is Veronica's on-going interest with FAMILY and FORTUNE - but on a royal scale! We intersect on those two points. As #writers, we are both fascinated by the vicisstitudes of FAMILY and FORTUNE in fiction - and real life ... 

Book Review Header on Veronica's Blog
Since the very beginning of human history, family tribes have plotted to not only secure but expand their territories. Growth, let alone survival, has been achieved through numbers. Adding new members to any family invariably increases that family's material wealth and influence. 

The most common method to enhance status and FORTUNE is to 'marry' into a FAMILY of greater means or status than one's own. If family bonds are very thick, the 'ritual' of marriage becomes a strategic move to enhance both wedding parties material wealth and power.

It is only in relatively recent times that LOVE - as a basis for marriage - has gained ground against the plotting traditions of Powerful Families. (Just ask the British Monarchy.)

In Veronica's recent review of my second novel, The Gilded Beaver, she deftly highlights the slow evolution of the willful and creative protagonist, Iris Burdock, as she attempts to navigate the commercial world of FORTUNE. Iris, like so many of her hard-working female contemporaries, operates in the world of commerce without the traditional support of an ambitious or protective FAMILY.

As an independent woman, Iris must evaluate and assess a bachelor who has entered her working realm. It is not as straight-forward a business transaction as she initially thinks.

During her on-going assessment of his tastes and his way of life  - and without the wise or interfering counsel of FAMILY - Iris must chart her own course. She is eventually forced to ask herself what she really wants: is it FORTUNE? - Or is it really LOVE?

Read Veronica's stellar 5 star review of The Gilded Beaver  >

The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous won the Hamilton Arts Council 'Best Fiction' Award in 1999.
TRILLIUM , my latest novel, was a Finalist for the same award in 2019 ...

Monday, January 13, 2020

Exhibition Proposal: CANADADA by MLHolton

MLHolton by Ewout de Gelder

At the start of the New Year and New Decade of the 2020s, I realize that by the end of this decade I will be 75 ... This realization is a bit startling, primarily because I just bumble along doing what I feel I MUST do, creating what I feel I MUST create, somewhat oblivious to the passage of time ...

With this new-found respect for what is increasingly 'a limited time-frame', I have decided to post a project that I have been trying to get off the ground for over four years - but to no avail. 

At this point, it seems unlikely to me that it will happen in my lifetime. So, for the record, I've decided to post the entirety of the 'Exhibition Proposal' entitled:

... The Life & Times of Margaret Lindsay Holton ...

Consider this post my offering to the #FUTURE ... 

It is my sincere hope that in 10, 20, 30 or even 50 or 150 years from now, some soaring cultural hawk who is researching ... #whateverhappenedtoCanada ... will fall upon it. With some study, (no doubt through translation), they will recognize this grassroots contribution for what it is: - the development and manifestation of a thought-filled and curious girl/woman, who, whilst raised within certain pre-existing societal structures, quietly stood outside of those imposed expectations and profoundly understood that this #ONEEARTH - that we can see, touch and feel with our own vital living and breathing #beings - is our most precious & sacred communal #HOME. 

By trying to 'own' everything, we have nearly ruined everything -  including the fresh water, clean air and good soil that daily supports us. Obviously we do so at our own peril.  But even more stupid then our relentless greed is our cruelty to other species. Our consuming presence is ultimately jeopardizing everything else on this finite, living and truly amazing planet. ... Must we BE such a Destructive Species?

So, that's the basic theme, observation - and question ... 

Please note, there are likely better places to 'post' this document, but, frankly, time is getting shorter, and at this point, I'd just rather get it done and out there ... 

If anyone is interested to pursue this Exhibition Proposal in the short term - ie. within the next five years - please print out the following and follow-up with me. After that, please contact my Estate Representatives who will be managing this blog. Also, kindly note, what follows is the Original proposal pitched to the Art Gallery of Burlington in early spring of 2017: it can be easily adapted to other spaces with some curatorial flair.

Thank you very much for your interest in my life's work thus far - and now, into the FUTURE ... Here's to a Bright New Decade! - mlh 

-- - Margaret Lindsay Holton,  Golden Horseshoe Artist & Author

Working title:  CANADADA  
'  'Art Attack' / The Canadada Flag - by MLHolton - (Paws Off! Trademark & Copyright Protected :)
Sub-title:  ... The Life & Times of Margaret Lindsay Holton ...

A: Purpose of Exhibit
B: Exhibition, Disciplines & FLOOR PLAN
- includes Exhibition Schematic in 3 ZONES
C: Exhibition Catalogue outline & authors
PART 11. 
Visuals to Support Exhibition
Current C.V. of MLH & Support Material/Press
Prepared  & Posted on-line by MLHolton - January, 2020


Part 1 - A. Purpose of Exhibit:
           - introduce the public to the breadth & depth of the #CanadianMaterialCulture creations by local Southern-Ontario-based #Canadian #artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton.

This retrospective will present more than five decades of #self-taught Margaret Lindsay Holton's paintings,  drawings, as well as samples of her Canadian fine furniture. It will consist of 100 of her most impressive works drawn from public and private collections, featuring her best-known pieces alongside those rarely seen.

Born and raised in rural North Burlington on a small sheep farm, Holton combined local flora & fauna iconography early-on in her Canadian fine furniture pieces made during the early 1980s to late 1990s. Her country roots also manifest her personal 'home-grown aesthetic' in her later photographic pinhole and photo-collage works.  Likewise, her 'grassroots' spiritualism manifests in her paintings produced over a 40 year period. Works on paper, canvas and board faithfully represent the deep roots of her geo-cultural origins.

Today, calling herself the only 'canajun' citizen in her playful - yet pointedly invented - 'nation' of #CANADADA, Holton continues to paint her provocative and signature 'naive-surreal-folk-abstracts' oil and acrylic paintings. Her graceful yet bold contemporary works also include representational imagery that reinforces the ancient paths of all humanity on the planet. 

"All of us are the Children - as well as the Caretakers - of Planet Earth." - mlh

The exhibition celebrates this extraordinary artist’s life work of creativity, perspective and acquired knowledge. It showcases her deep love of the land, flora and fauna, as well as her enduring passion for the vivid and varying water-scapes of the Great Lakes of North America. All of her works are infused with a artistic and quasi-political 'synergy' that places her overall oeuvre among the most notable #Canadianartists of our times.

           "In 2025, I will be a 70 year old artist living & working within the 'national' entity known to others as #Canada. My physical perspective is from the edge of a large lake, known to others as #LakeOntario. This lovely lake is part of a larger body of lakes, called the #GreatLakes. The Great Lakes are situated in the north-eastern part of the continent, known as #NorthAmerica. The lakes are seemingly split in two by what others call the national border between the United States of America and Canada. Only we humans, within the natural world, recognize these invented borders  ... The lake waters flow from shore to shore and know nothing of national boundaries. Birds migrate overhead, seeds float on the breeze and clouds float to and fro. It's a large canvas, constantly changing, constantly new and renewing ... The soft sweet waters drain down towards the salty sea, named the Atlantic Ocean, via a large river, called the St.Lawrence River. From this perch, beside the lake, I scan north, south, east and west, keeping an eye on all things - local, national and global. - My work represents my Point of View."-  mlh

'Naive-Surreal-Folk-Abstracts' MANIFESTO by #MLHolton  follows: 
Page 1 of MLHolton Manifesto / Copyright to MLH Trust

Page  2 of MLHolton Manifesto / Copyright to MLH Trust

Part 1 - B: The Exhibition   

     Disciplines to include:    
1. Typeface & Book Design -  1980s - Letraset / Acorn Press Canada + others - to current day
2. Canadian Fine Furniture Design -  1980s to 2000 - custom residential Toronto  & int'l dealers 
3. Writing - (Poems/Novels/Screenplay/Journalism) - 1986 to current day
    -  with produced spoken word CDs & DVDs
4. Painting -  1970s  - to current day /  'naive-surreal-folk-abstracts' by MLH
5. Photography (pinhole & photo-collage & white-outs) - 2001 (pinhole) - to current day


Proposed Exhibition Location:

Lee Chin Family Gallery -- FLOOR PLAN (rough)

Gallery Schematic: ZONE 1 =  3 'booths' on NORTH WALL. To include: 

 Booth 1. early life & pencil drawings, Booth 2. film reel, Booth 3. photography

ZONE 2 = 2/3 gallery floor space for display of 8 MLH Canadian fine furniture pieces.

ZONE 3 = MLH paintings (x25) on 2/3 East Wall, Full South Wall and 1/2 of West Wall. 

Floor Plan for MLHolton Exhibition Proposal at AGB (2017)

Exhibition Schematic - in 3 ZONES 
(Via Above Floor Plan above:  Zone 1 is on LEFT, Zone 2 FLOOR is CENTRE 
& Zone 3 is on RIGHT)

ZONE 1:   THE EARLY YEARS OF MLH - A Rural World of Wonder, Family & People          
            - Booth 1. South-west corner of gallery - "Place is 100% character defining." 
MLH background - #SELF-TAUGHT - read & looked a great deal - as a kid, student & young adult - discovering Self & others via profound 'SENSE OF PLACE'. PRIMAL ROOTS = Stoneacres Farm in North Burlington & Bekanon, an out-island in Georgian Bay

 " 'Canada' is an IDEA - moreover than a large land mass & political entity."- mlh

           Zone 1.1.A.  WALL DISPLAY (1/2 North & 1/3 West Wall & Centre Booth wall )
        1. ONE photo montage of MLH 'Early Family Life' - 36x24 - to be framed = VISUAL INTRO
        2. Two pencil sketches,  from early 1970s (of artist's easel (1971) & a male nude (1974)
                                  + 10-13 Pencil portraits from 2000 -2008 - All 8x10 inches
       3. Two portraits from 2010s, on Booth wall, Chief Joseph Brant  & 'Saint' Jane Goodall
          Zone 1.1.B.  One Cabinet Display- MLH Typefaces - licensed dry transfer & Letraset catalogue, plus digital conversion samples, as well as two sets of unlicensed work / drawings / + sample 'products' using design with type ephemera  - ie. NickelBrook Brewery label in Burlington  / MLH to assemble 10 paper ephemera
"Studying type contours at extreme short range is like perusing a map with a microscope: all is visible but strangely mysterious."  mlh  

                      * Note: Enlarge mlh quote below about SEEING type design as 'shape', affixed to 'floating' wall facing front entrance (see above floor plan schematic )
           Zone 1.1.C. Centre Booth  - MLH Filmworks - 
(Centre 1/3 of North Wall - as per schematic drawing above)
  - loop 1 hour short #documentary & art film works, ie. profiles of local characters - Denis Sinclair, Scrimshaw artist, (8 min),  Harold Dickert, guitar maker (14 min), metalworker, Doris Treleaven (10 min)  - all from North Burlington / --- include. 'Artist's Walk' (5 min), Burlington Lakefront / cut with 'MLH home movies' clips from 1950-70 -   MLH to compile ONE DISC for a ONE HOUR loop

                        ( Q: 'Special Screening' of The Frozen Goose (2016) as PROMOTIONAL OPP? )

           Zone 1.1.D.  Pinhole & Photo-Montage PHOTOGRAPHY Nook
                             - (1/3 North-East Nook - at service entrance portal)

                      1. In north-east nook, 10 image mix of pinhole & digital photo-collages  -
                               - focused on the heritage farm house & North Burlington rural property
                      2.  Cabinet display of mlh books  - including 3 novels: Economic Sex (1985), award-winners The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous, and TRILLIUM - and Artist First Edition photo books  & CD/DVD  display  - inc. early poetry books, later CDs - ie. Summer Haze (free form piano jazz) and spoken-word/garageband antics, CANADADA: TAKE TWO.
                          ( Q: include musical feed of CDs via earphones? )

                                                                                           Sub Total of Objects in ZONE 1 = 35
                                                                                                                  + one hour film reel

                  - (2/3 floor space + 4 drawings on floating walls)

           - 'self taught', (continued) - learned how to 'think' about materials  & processes by primarily watching and imitating my parents -  ie. measurement, construction, building & crafting fine furniture & boats by/with my father, and watching mum paint landscapes and portraits 'en plein air'

   ( Q: samples of both parent's works? small photo display ? to be determined ... ie. furniture templates of dads & Mum watercolour of HER tree at Bekanaon - MLH to source images)
           MLH 'Canadian fine furniture'  1986-2000

           2A. Drawings of speculative Canadian fine furniture works: unproduced Caribou Table, Nunuvut Sideboard = 4 drawings -- NB: To be pinned on floating walls behind furniture displayed on pedestals/plinths supplied by Gallery

           2B. -  include 5-8 pieces of MLH #Canadianfinefurniture
          1. ONE of 4 'Canadian Fireside Chairs' - #WinterChair on Centre Pedestal / unconfirmed
          2+3. Temagami Pedestals (x 2)  - CONFIRMED - Toronto client - ON FLOOR
          4. Thee Mirror - CONFIRMED - Toronto client / - Mount on floating wall
          5. HEADBOARD (boys' carved-bear headboard) /  CONFIRMED  - Mount on floating wall  
          6 & 7.  Pair of Haida Gwaii Chairs by MLH  -/ Collection of Artist / on Side Plinth
          8. 'Ladies Dresser' by MLH - CONFIRMED - Toronto client / on Side Plinth

                                                                                                            Sub Total of Objects: 12


         - (no floor space, 1/2 wall space: 1/2 East, Full South, 1/2 West Walls) --  1970 to current  
         - include enlarged excerpts from  'CANADADA: A Painter's Nature' - TBD
           WALL SURROUND - 25 MLH paintings = 5 from each decade (x 5) 

                                                                                                              Sub Total of Objects: 25
                                                                                                                                        +   misc: 5
                              (To be Confirmed : MLH paper ephemera for TWO cabinet displays = 20 items
                                                             + one hour looping film reel, to loop, compiled by MLH)

**TOTAL NUMBER OF Exhibition OBJECTS: 100**
          Proposed Paintings: 1970 - 2020 ( 50 years of painting ) - 
          ... 5 paintings chosen from FIVE decades, presented, mostly, chronologically ... 
          ---NB: Items with asterisks have NOT been confirmed yet.

*1. The Kill - oil / framed - Collection of Artist   / locate & frame
2.   Gone Native - oil  / framed - Estate of Mrs. Bruce Matthews, Ancaster/Toronto - CONFIRMED
3.   MM & LJ in Dad's Boat, Georgian Bay CONFIRMED - to be framed
4.   Sweet Water.Ceremony. - acrylic, pastel, gold paint on stretched canvas.  - CONFIRMED
*5.  Going to the Farm - oil / framed  / locate

1980s - In Collection of Artist
*1.  With Every Breath - Words on Canvas / REVIEW CONDITION
*2.  Self - Portrait - WALL HANGING 6'x4' - to be tacked to wall -/ REVIEW CONDITION
*3.  'Hope Springs Eternal' /REVIEW CONDITION
4. Arrow & Axe / needs to be re-framed
*5. Rose Bush, OutPort, NFLD oil/ framed /REVIEW CONDITION

1. Two Peas in a Pod - oil / framed - CONFIRMED
2. 'Art Attack by MLH aka 'Canadada Flag' aka Wall Hanging - 4'x28" - (Collection of Artist)  
                       (NB: REVIEW SUITABILITY with Curator as EXHIBIT 'Brand' Image)
3. Eclipse over Beaver Rock - in hand carved pine frame by MLH  - CONFIRMED
4. Swan Lake - oil / framed  - (Via Toronto Collection) - CONFIRMED
*5. Bovine Bliss 2, Ontario - Cover of 'Canadada: A Painter's Nature' -
           UNconfirmed - (Collection of lawyer in Toronto - need to track down this item )
6. Prince William, Blind to The Alberta Tarsands  - CONFIRMED

1. Magic Hour, Georgian Bay - - CONFIRMED
2. Bruce Trail: Spring Walk - CONFIRMED (Collection in  Jordan, Ontario)
*3. Over the Hill, Under the Moon, Back to the Pond - locate
4. Spring Creek - acrylic/framed - CONFIRMED
*5. The Passage, Georgian Bay - oil/framed - locate

2010s to 2020 
1. Doe at Dawn, Banff - acrylic/framed - CONFIRMED
2. Dundas Valley - acrylic & gold paint / CONFIRMED - to be framed
3. Beneath Pine Boughs - acrylic/framed - CONFIRMED
4. Frozen Lake 1 - acrylic/framed - (64Wx32H)   - CONFIRMED
5. Woodland Deer - acyrlic/framed 30x26H - CONFIRMED


Part 1 - C:  Exhibition Catalogue

Working Title:
... The Life & Times of Margaret Lindsay Holton ...
                      - approx. 800-1100 words  per section / author, (+ 10-15 images). Approx 40-60 pages.
                      Preface by - KatrinaAtanassova  2-3 pgs
                           Senior Curator,  National Gallery of Canada - e-QUERIED in 2018. She's away...
                      Foreword by AGB Curator OR CEO/Director -       ?                 2-3 pgs          
                      Intro & Bio   -   Matthew Ryan Smith, PhD - CONFIRMED         6-9 pgs
                      'Artist Statement'  - MLH - 'why & how'                                   5-7 pgs
1. Typeface -  Rod McDonald - To Query - Canadian Type Historian 2-5 pages
                       - 3 MLH, typefaces, including 'Lindsay', in context to Canadian type design 

2. Writing -    Poetry, Novels, Reviews Etc, by Jeremy Luke Hill - CONFIRMED5-6 pages 
----- NB: Include on-line examples -ie.;

  (** Note: Possible to combine the above two sections into 'one'. Review with Jeremy Luke Hill.)

3. MLH 'Canadian Fine Furniture' Jeff Mahoney, Arts, Hamilton Spec, CONFIRMED 2-5 pages - NB: include extracts from MLH correspondence with late Curator Emeritus Dr. Donald B. Webster & Peter Keallegran PhD, European Department of the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 

4.. Photography (pinhole & digital) Jeff Mahoney, Arts Critic, The Hamilton Spectator,   2-5 pages --- NB: on-line pinhole > ,
   ( ** Note: Possible to combine above 2 sections into 'one'. Both reviewed by Jeff, 1996 & 2010.) 

5. Painting CharlesPachter, Preface/Canadian artist - CONFIRMED  
                                                                                              Total Page Count = 40-60 pgs

Essays provided by contributors to MLH and/or her Estate. Production/Design of Catalogue by MLHProductions/AcornPressCanada and the Art Gallery of Burlington, Print run of 800 - 2000.   Note to Gallery: 'Honorarium' to be paid to all #authors relative to page count.
End of PART 1.   

PART 2.  
VISUALS to SUPPORT Exhibition Proposal

 PART 2. is a series of visual thumbnails that support the above. 
To better view the disciplines as outlined, enlarge the preferred thumbnail.

PART 3. 
Contact the artist or her representative - mlholton