Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Another Great Book Review for TRILLIUM by M.L.Holton

Reviewer writes: "I cannot recommend this book enough!" 

Yes! Thrilled by another excellent '4 out of 5 star review' for TRILLIUM. Set in the beautiful Niagara peninsula over a timeframe of 250 years from 1750s to 2000s, three very distinct families make a go of it.

The e-book of TRILLIUM is now available on Amazon.CA or on Books2Read (for alternate e-book formats). NB: US exchange rate in effect for US-based purchases.

Also, happy to report that the 'Artist 1st Edition' is no longer available. Updated print editions can be found on Amazon as a trade paperback, with 340 pages and the same cover design.

Finally, very pleased to be reviewed by fellow readers on GOODREADS

 I'm also working on an author's page over there, so please be sure to connect and/or follow along!

On & UP!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

New Growth - IPad Sketch by MLHolton

New Growth - iPad sketch by Canadian artist, MLHolton
Year-end mucking around ... There are several art apps available for ipad users that make this kind of finger-swiping doodling fun. This one is mostly an exploratory exercise that made it very quick to think about colours & forms, in contrast and in compliment. It's very easy to get into the 'groove' to just ipad doodle, to just play with it, and goof around. :) - Happy New Year. mlh

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Thoughts 2018

Dormant Orchard with Pine Winebreaker - Photo by M.L.Holton
Christmas is approaching. It's now Dec 17th. Parcels and presents have been made, bought and wrapped. Delivery has begun with visits to friends and family. It's a festive social time. More then anything though, this year, it's those who are gone that hover over the festivities. I miss my dear old dad a great deal. I miss his gentle good humor and considerate and competent ways. I am equally aware that this may well be my last Christmas with my dear old mum. Aging is a strange phenomenon because as much as our minds are alive and active our bodies do not have the same capacity to renew or sustain. Christmas seems to increasingly be a time to remember not only the cycle of life within the framework of the Christian faith, but Life's very natural limits. "INFINITY" and the "INFINITE" are grand thoughts, but, practically, everything in our day-to-day experience underscores how finite living and life really is. Life, as we know it, does end. Spring will, of course, come again, yet it will be a different spring ...

Season's Best to All.
Catch you on the flip side - mlh

Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday, November 12, 2018

'Meet & Greet' Golden Horseshoe Artist, MLHolton

All welcome: Come One, Come All!
Informal 'Meet & Greet' at A Different Drummer Books
in beautiful downtown Burlington. Friday, Dec 7th, 7-8pm. 
See you there!

UPDATE: Super fun to catch up with old & new friends at the book signing.
CLASSIC photo of MLH taken by Ian at Different Drummer ... Eyes Closed As Per Usual!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

TRILLIUM - A new Canadian Novel by MLHOLTON

This epic family saga begins after three diverse men arrive to the North American continent. Set in the Golden Horseshoe region of Canada, one arrives by foot at the Niagara frontier in the 1750s. Another arrives by ship from the island of Sicily to the burgeoning Hamilton port in the mid 1850s. The last arrives from Dublin just before the outbreak of WW1.

Over 250 years the Hartford, Di Angelo and O'Sullivan clans hunker down into the wine-making district of Niagara. Nothing remains sacred as opportunists pursue lust, land and loot. Ancient taboos are broken - and all hell breaks loose ... 

Wine enters the picture too - lots and lots of wonderful, lip-smacking wine.

Canadian artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton, aka MLH, explores changing manners and mores in this tell-all romp. Part poet, part mid-wife, part futurist, part sage, word-smith Holton creates an unforgettable and imaginative portrait of Canadian living.

Author of two other novels 'Economic Sex' (1985) and the award-winning 'The Gilded Beaver' (1999), MLHolton has also crafted short stories and poetry. 

After writing and directing, 'The Frozen Goose' (25 min DVD, 2016), she produced a spoken-word & electro-pop album 'CANADADA:TAKE TWO' (2017) to mark Canada's sesquicentennial. Her earlier poetry books, 'Bush Chord' (2006) and 'On Top of Mount Nemo' (2002) as well as her five photography books can be found on her website. 

*E-pub Edition releases January 2019* 
Amazon paperback now on Amazon.ca

Facebook fan page: TrilliumNovel Twitter: @trilliumthenovel 


First PRINT review / Dec Issue - The Bay Observer, 2018

2ND Excellent Book Review via Thomas Anderson of Literary Titan, January 2018.
**** 4 out of 5 stars ****
"I cannot recommend this book enough."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Alumni of Influence Award - Margaret Lindsay Holton

Well, that's super NICE! 

Just learned that I am to be given an 'Alumni of Influence' Award by the University of Toronto, via Principal  Donald C. Ainslie.

Ceremony is in November, so miles away yet. But still, wanted to share the GOOD NEWS! 

So often, as an artist, we work away (because we MUST) with little thought of recognition or even sales.

When it all comes together - when others recognize the effort, large and small - it's an unexpected and very gratifying THRILL!

THANK YOU to WHOEVER nominated me! Your anonymity is beguiling: it will pleasantly plague me for the rest of my life! xoxoxoxo mlh :) 

August Company! Alumni Awards, UofT, 2018

Post Event - Press Links:

  Received the following lovely trophy-vase too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sun Shadow II - Pinhole Photography by M.L.Holton

A three person show at  
in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

July 6th-29th
Drop on by! 

Opening Reception:
FRIDAY, July 6th
7pm 9:30pm. 

See you there! 
- mlh 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MLH OPEN STUDIO - June 3rd, 2018 - 3-5pm

Thrilled to be a part of Hamilton Arts Week, June 2 - 9th, 2018. 
Will 'represent' the Hamilton Beach Community 
via my lakeside studio. 

SUNDAY - JUNE 3rd, 2018 - 3-5pm 
Margaret Lindsay Holton 

EVENT LISTING: Visit spectacular lake-side ART STUDIO of multi-disciplined, award-winning Golden Horseshoe artist, Margaret Lindsay Holton. Known for her distinctive 'naive-surreal-folk-abstract' paintings & beguiling photo-collages, Lindsay's distinctive art has established her as one of the regions best loved & collectible artists. Provocative. as well as prolific, come see what she's up to next! 

Family Friendly. Light Refreshments on Site. 
Plus, access to Lake Ontario beach front out front.

MLH Paintings, Photography (pinhole & digital), Books, CDs, DVDs, cards & other MLH ephemera
 - available for review and purchase.
All Welcome! 

Kindly note, if coming via car, please PARK on side street opposite Harry's Pub. 
Entrance to Studio is via SIDE DOOR on building. Ring Buzzer No. 3. 
(Barking dog is behind the door!) - See you then!

Hamilton  Beach Strip, Lake Ontario waterfront
 Can't make it? Not to worry, some items still available via my art shop page ... HERE.

Monday, March 26, 2018

SPRING - 2018

Nest - Watercolour pencil sketch by MLHolton
It's that time of year again when the ice melts and the snow recedes. Thank goodness. It hasn't been a hard winter, but it was getting a bit dreary and long. Luckily, the sun is warming up a plenty and it looks like, finally, it's over.  During the LONG HAUL, I've put my hand, head and heart to several new ventures ....

In particular, for this post, I wanted to show off some of my recent watercolour pencil sketches. I've never painted watercolours before, it's just never really appealed as a medium. BUT I do like the idea of sketching, then using the brush to amplify and/or highlight aspects of that sketch. It seems to be working out so far.

Ships by MLHolton - Watercolour Pencil Sketches