Thursday, April 4, 2024

Greetings from MLH!! - Spring Newsletter 2024

HELLO ALL! – FINALLY!! - Some time to properly catch-up on the last two years!!

Childhood Home and Family Farm: Stoneacres - plus me & mum over the years ...

As many of you know, dear old mum died peacefully at home in her 96th year in February of 2022. Since then, my brothers and me worked for over a year to close down our family farm perched on the Niagara Escarpment overlooking Lake Ontario. As you can well imagine, this was an emotionally demanding and difficult process. Seventy good years of ‘stuff’ had to be sorted, packed-up, distributed, sold and/or stored away. Childhood toboggans and skies, abandoned farming implements, hundreds of tools, old curtains & rugs, even our old school uniforms, etc,: - EVERYTHING had to GO!

In February of last year, my parents’ beautiful old house and my childhood home, sold. Yes, it was all very bitter-sweet. Yet, rather than mop-about, I got moving. Literally.

My New Pad
On June 1st, 2024, I purchased my first - and hopefully last! - home in Elizabethtown, a charming river-side hamlet in the Eastern Townships of Ontario. 

It is very picturesque around here. This 1830s sandstone farmhouse is situated on 1.5 acres - with 25 feet of frontage on the mighty St. Lawrence River. The river access is completely overgrown at the moment and the house was pretty run-down when I moved in. (Bucket under the kitchen sink!!) 

Summer & fall of last year was spent pulling it all together as you can see in this BEFORE/AFTER link. Renovations and just ‘moving-in’ consumed my full attention well into March of this year ...

Today, on my 69th Birthday, (yeah me), I can finally say the worst is over. Phew. - The actual ENJOYMENT of this PLACE and SPACE can now truly begin. To wit, landscaping of the grounds and planting of flower and veggie gardens are next … O’JOY! - MUD!!  Glorious MUD!!

The Eastern Townships are super rich in early Canadian history. There are beguiling back-stories and plenty of supportive, family-friendly locals. I am certain there will be many good years of exploring and pleasure ahead.  

That said, as an active artist, I am not entirely sure, yet, what new paintings or artworks may manifest. There are a few clues ... This new location offers crystal clear night skies and bubbling riverside waters. Multiple and varied songbirds fill the air at dawn and dusk. A lovely fit fox crossed my lawn two weeks ago. There’s a sleek black mink tucked-in the woodlot at the back ...

I can certainly FEEL it ALL coming to the FOREGROUND now ... we'll see ... 

For the curious, I did finish a few indoor design projects over the winter months: sorting then applying mum’s exotic shell collection to two mirror frames, varnished my earlier painting of the dining room floor in an 'Elizabethan' pattern -and designed & upholstered two headboards. And, I have a new sketchbook of pencil portrait drawings underway. (Not my strength, FOR SURE, but I'm enjoying the process of learning what and what not to do ... )

New River Rat finds a Good Den ...
So, that’s it. 😊  - I am HOME now - and increasingly settled … You can follow along with my house and property ‘make-over’ on Instagram.

All those interested in my artwork or writing are most welcome to come visit The Gate House, aka ‘Lindsay’s Place’, in the months and years ahead. Just email to let me know what day and time you might be coming - at ‘lynholton’ at GMAIL dot com. 


For those with genuine interest in my life & work, my front gate will ALWAYS be OPEN:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm,  (Weekends are reserved for family & house guests.) 

Hope to see you anytime!

A list of my recent books of art, poetry & prose  - (18 titles+ to date) - as well as a link to the 'still-going-strong' short film, The Frozen Goose, can be found here. Also, please do check out this recent 5-star review of my short story collection, Sticks and Stones, by Jennie Griffin of RedHeadNotes )

Recent 5-star review of Sticks and Stones + 'New Beginnings', Watercolour by MLH - SOLD

                                                     It really IS a whole NEW BEGINNING! 

                                                                Blessings to you all!

                                 Margaret Lindsay Holton --  Canadian Artist & Author

p.s. Some of you have very kindly sent ‘House Warming’ Gifts. - I really have enjoyed these unexpected kindnesses: THANK YOU! - For those who might like to consider it, yes, I am still in need of a few useful items … like a T50 staple-gun, a wheelbarrow tire pump, and - I need a small ironing board! - (Who knew?!)  -- If you would like to send on a wee something to celebrate this new chapter, an Amazon Gift Card really is the best. It avoids duplication and can help when needed most. Kindly forward to ‘lynholton’ at GMAIL dot com. --- Thank you! :) 

Margaret Lindsay Holton - Canadian Artist & Award-winning Author

                                 Now, get out there  - ENJOY this wonder-filled SPRING !! – mlh


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hi all, I am a bit rusty on this site now. Blogger is under new management. it's been hoovered up by Google, apparently. I cannot access certain features at the moment, but will devote more time to it soon to get back up to speed. In the meantime, THANKS for stopping by! Have a wonderful Spring. -- mlh :)