Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Harvest Moon - Photo Zapped by MLHolton
Who knew, mid-March, that we'd still be stuck here? ... ... Well, it's not all been bad ...

In fact, in some instances, it's been a welcome improvement ...

The Gilded Beaver 2nd Edition & TRILLIUM by MLHolton

 Most importantly, the pandemic 

has been a hearty wake-up call to 're-calibrate' ...


See more of what  

 I've been doing about that this past year ...

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p.s. TRILLIUM, the #audiobook version, is now on iTUNES !!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Painting in Defiance by MLHolton

When 2020 started, there was an a genuine sense of excitement at the start of not only a New Year, but a whole new decade. Sure, the world wasn't perfect, and MANY social, economic and personal 'injustices' continue, but, overall, in the main, Life is Good. The following was my first painting for the year, entitled 'Spring, From the Mountain, 2020'. The ground is still hard, remnants of winter remain, but the light, the blessed LIGHT, changes. The Earth responds and new growth emerges. Living beside and near Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes of North America, is a blessing. Not only do I get to see the land awake from slumber, but the lake heaves, rolls and shakes off its icy cleansing burden. The whole cycle begins again. This hillside promontory is near the farm. It's a root, a deep root, with a view that I adore ...

Spring, from the Mountain 2020, by MLHolton

And yet, as the year went on, the COVID pandemic swept over the land. It didn't affect the land or the lake, per se, it just devastated human activity. We turned into moles as we burrowed into our homes, locked the doors and barred the windows. In isolation, we did as best we could. Many turned into screen addicts for their lifeline to the 'outside' world. At one point, I made a statement about that with the following painting, 'I am Here'. Living and breathing, movement and eating are the mainstays of our 'existence'. We live because we are alive. A truism perhaps, but how else to say it? I am ALIVE. 

Detail from 'I am Here' by MLHolton (this is a LARGE piece, 7' by 5'.) 

As the months continued, the seasons changed as they always do. We went through spring, summer, fall and now enter winter of this awful year. And yet, within the human tragedy and collapse of commerce, we survive. We are diminished, but we are surviving. Solitary walks in nature became the greatest balm to the frightened. We found comfort in the remarkable 'routine' of Nature. Plants grew, harvest came, snow falls. And here we are. The first serious snow of the season 'dumped' a few days ago and blanketed the dwindling fall landscape. Promises of a vaccine have arrived. We have adjusted, we have adapted, we are changing to the new reality. Our communal spheres have been reshaped by a new-found love of humanity. At the end of the day, let's hold on to that. Love Humanity. We can and will make it through this as well as what's next. My last painting of the year, 'First Snow 2020', is an imaginative work, based on familiar back-country hills. Farming fields lie dormant now, but they will come back ... Hang in there people. We're almost through it. 

I will be sending out my winter newsletter shortly. If you are not on my mailing list, jump back here in about a week and look for it on the side tab under newsletters. Other than that, try to enjoy the descending winter. Get out there as much as you can. Revel in the on-going blessed beauty of it all. Continue to pursue those pandemic-induced resolutions ... Be Better. Be Healthier. Be Kinder.

xox mlh 

'First Snow, 2020' by MLHolton