Saturday, February 25, 2017

CANADADA: TAKE TWO - CD Album, Spoken Word & Garageband Antics by Canadian Artist, M.L.Holton

Canadian Artist, MLHolton - Spoken Word & Garageband Antics

35 Tracks of Potent MLH Poetry fused with her Electropop Jive!
Yup, 65 minutes of SERIOUS FUN!

 Limited Sesqui-Centennial Release - ONLY 75 Copies! 

(You can pick up a copy over there too. And even become a VIP member!)  

RELEASED NOON, March 15th, 2017.

UPDATE: April 2nd, 2017 - "A rich musical adventure" that 'tickles' the ear"! - 
Super Review of the musical aspects of the CD,
 via Glen Brown, Founder & Editor of Greater Hamilton Musician 
UPDATE, June 29th, 2017 -and great review by Ryan McGreal, 
Editor-in-Chief of Raise the Hammer 

The LAST FIVE YEARS: New Paintings by M.L.Holton - BOOK

Please to announce the release of a new book publication: 
The LAST FIVE YEARS: New Paintings, by Canadian Artist, M.L.Holton
Double page spread sample 1.
Double page spread sample 2.
 The LAST FIVE YEARS: New Paintings 
by Canadian Artist, M.L.Holton
Just under 100 new images, in a lovely 9x11 hardcover book. 
Published by MLH Productions/Acorn Press Canada
Accepting Orders NOW!

Thanks for supporting my work!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Series: Mountain Studies - New Paintings by M.L.Holton

I've been thinking a lot about mountains lately, as a natural 'form': how they tower above us, yet draw their vitality from below (like volcanoes, or mountain ridges that are the result of massive shifting geo-plates).

Mountain Study - HOPE - by M.L.Holton / acrylic on board / FOR SALE
Humans engage with these 'forms' in a variety of different emotional ways, either with veneration (appealing to hope and lofty sentiments of aspiring majesty etc,) or with fear (of a greater unknown, an object forbidding and insurmountable, of threatening power etc.)

I want and need to explore this further ...

I'll be drawing on my past experiences of time spent in & around the 'new' mountains of British Columbia and Alberta, first as a teen and then as an older woman. And I'll be considering too the 'older' mountains of Quebec & Ontario, those old rollers who lack the sharp edges of the West. I grow up and around the ancient strata of the Niagara Escarpment of Ontario ...

Mountains BECKON ... they draw us to them.

Mountain Study - Prospecting - by M.L.Holton / acrylic on board - FOR SALE
My preferred tool for this exploration is a trowel, or painter's spatula - with a very sharp flat edge to 'carve' and 'excavate'  paint. Inherent is this idea is the notion of 'prospecting' - or hunting - for minerals, gold, or food and water - hunting for nourishment - literal and metaphysical ...

(If interested in the above works, let me know.
For now, I'm not framing anything.)

UPDATE, March 27th. 
Have finished the triptych - with a gold leaf 'vein' running through all 3 boards.
I will be framing only the centre board ... 

Triptych - Mountain Core - Acrylic with gold leaf, by M.L.Holton, 2017
Centre panel - Triptych - Mountain Core, by Canadian painter, M.L.Holton

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Frozen Goose, Canadian Film - One Year Later

One Year Later - Final scene location for The Frozen Goose film 

 One year ago today, after nine months of rehearsals, the local cast & crew dove in for an intense 6 days of film-making in North Burlington, Milton and at Westfield Heritage Village in southern Ontario, Canada.

One year later, this completed 25 minute Canadian film, about the psychic devastation that World War One wrought on one rural family, is a Reel Keeper! - Thanks to a superb cast: Leslie Gray as 'Leslie', John Fort as 'Tom', Rod McTaggart as 'Uncle Harry' - with youngsters Hannah Ralph playing 'Bella' & Cameron Brindle as 'Charlie! - Plus, a shout-out to local film champion, Nathan Fleet for keeping me rolling in the right direction during all aspects of production.

Clockwise: Two young stars, Hannah Ralph as 'Bella' & Cameron Brindle as 'Charlie', ruby red mittens made for the shoot, Cover Shot from The View Magazine review in December, 2016, plus DVDs on display at Canadian library.
(Here are some additional  'behind-the-scenes' from the 1st Day of the shoot.)

Releasing on September 11th, 2016, with a World Premiere at the Art Gallery of Burlington, it was very gratifying to see & hear audience's reaction, (from 2 sold-out screenings), for all the hard work all had put in. Overall, since 2014, there have been 18 pieces of PRESS written about this film.  The First Edition DVDs also sold out within the first two weeks of release.

Slowly but surely, as Producer, Director and Writer, I am now planning the BEST way to carry this small, yet timely, project forward ... Two distributors have offered Contracts. But, in the current topsy-turvy world of internet broadcasting, their EXCLUSIVE 5 to 7-year terms may not be, in fact, the best way ahead ... While I weigh out the pros and cons of this aspect of production, this wonderful family-friendly film is now Available ON-LINE  - GIVE A GANDER!

Cameron Brindle, as 'Charlie', getting ready for Take 4 at another private location in Halton County.
 Watch & Share The FROZEN GOOSE on-line