Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exhibit 15: Art in the Workplace - Hamilton

Thrilled to hear that I've been chosen again for the group show at McMaster Innovation Place.
Opens August and runs until November.

Delivered the works for hanging yesterday, July 10th, and was gratified to both hear and see the delight from those people receiving the items. These very small moments affirm what I do daily. It is gratifying to see that they were visibly moved by what they saw - it pleased them - made them happy for just that milli-second. And that pleased me.

Joy is an underestimated human emotion that radiates throughout our being.
It fills us with the sanctity, wonder and awe of Life.
What more could we possibly want? - - - Come See!

Grand Opening Gala - Thursday, AUGUST 7th, 2014 
at the Atrium in McMaster Innovation Place 
175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton. MAP/Directions.

Exhibit: Artists

Artist Statement

".. Sometimes you just can't take yourself too seriously ... The following selection is from a recent series called, 'Regression' ... Playful patterns emerge from careful placement of dollar store decals and cheesy rhinestones. Serious Fun. Google Margaret Lindsay Holton to learn more about this award-winning, mid-career, Golden Horseshoe artist, or contact the artist directly, at 'mlhpro' at 'hotmail' dot 'com'. "

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Paintings, Spring 2014

The first was inspired by a painting I saw done by local artist, Claudette Losier, (she's a great painter!) Trying a new technique, of 'rollers', I did several 'grounds' then painted over ... Lotsa fun!

Frozen Lake by m.l.holton
 The second was a return to 'my way' with brushes and metallic gold/silver pens ... This photo repro doesn't quite do it justice, but it will give you all the sense of where I'm going with this ...  Entitled: 'Dreamtime'

'Dreamtime' by m.l.holton

If interested in purchase, contact me for size, price and availability. (Both of these are LARGE canvases.) The first one is framed in a silver wood frame, the second is going for framing and I haven't decided yet if it will be 'black' or 'silver' ....

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

I'm totally besotted. Went last weekend to the local Kite Festival and spent four hours enchanted by the mechanics of 'flight'. Aside from that, there is sheer pleasure in just holding a string and playing with the wind - and watching wonderfully colourful, often exotic, kites soar upward. Pure Deight.  Photo essay ensues ...

Initially, there was a lot of 'trial and error' ... 
Mothers & Fathers worked tirelessly 
to get their children's kites' air-borne ....

The satisfaction of staying aloft was an unbeatable feeling ...

Wonderful whimsical Full-On-Spring day. Blissful. 
Published too now on Raise the Hammer, with some helpful links.