Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Paintings, Spring 2014

The first was inspired by a painting I saw done by local artist, Claudette Losier, (she's a great painter!) Trying a new technique, of 'rollers', I did several 'grounds' then painted over ... Lotsa fun!

Frozen Lake by m.l.holton
 The second was a return to 'my way' with brushes and metallic gold/silver pens ... This photo repro doesn't quite do it justice, but it will give you all the sense of where I'm going with this ...  Entitled: 'Dreamtime'

'Dreamtime' by m.l.holton

If interested in purchase, contact me for size, price and availability. (Both of these are LARGE canvases.) The first one is framed in a silver wood frame, the second is going for framing and I haven't decided yet if it will be 'black' or 'silver' ....

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