Thursday, May 30, 2019

TRILLIUM by MLHolton tells tale set in Niagara region

A great shout-out by Luke Edwards, in Niagara This Week, covering points Grimsby to Fort Erie ... 
Yes, my latest novel started over a decade ago ... I just couldn't find the 'key' to get into it. 
The moment came when I was thinking about the various media innovations that have changed our lives .. 
Consider how news in Canada was initially sent by courier, then available via printed broadsheets, 
then newspapers, then radio, then black & white television, then colour television - 
and now, today, the internet. All this happened within a span of 250 years. A spit in the bucket.  
That's how I got into my new story ... HOW NEWS TRAVELS ... 
Dive into the on-line version of this profile  HERE. 

Third page in Fort Erie Edition

Three-quarter page  in Grimsby edition

Monday, May 27, 2019

Local Author Fair - Margaret Lindsay Holton

TRILLIUM by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Latest shipment of my new novel, TRILLIUM, has just arrived for the Local Author Fair to be held at the Central Branch of the Burlington Public Library on ---
> SATURDAY, June 22 <
> from 10am to 2pm <
Come On Out & MEET a diverse group of local authors who write in a variety of different voices - Mystery, Romance, Crime, Horror, Comedy, Historical Fiction ? -- You bet!

Plenty is planned for the 4 hour LOCAL AUTHOR FAIR: - short readings, autographed books, selfies with authors - FOR KEEN READERS YOUNG & OLD ALIKE!
Street View of Burlington Public Library - Central Branch, 2331 New Street, Downtown Burlington

Saturday, June 22nd, 10-2pm
Git yer #CANLIT on!
TRILLIUM by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Be sure to swing by & pick up your First Edition copy of TRILLIUM
 - the new historical fiction by award-winning Canadian artist and author -
 Margaret Lindsay Holton

 "Highly recommend! Could not put this book down ... First rate story!

Canadian Artist and Author, MLHolton at Burlington Public Library, Local Author Fair, June 2019. Copyright Notice: MLHolton

And, AS ALWAYS, the obligatory 'commemorative shot' - 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Humber School for Writers Grad, Margaret Lindsay Holton


For the FULL INTERVIEW  -  that includes a timely digression on the designing and making of 'The Four Canadian Fireside Chairs' as seen below - 
The article also mentions a few of the book projects I've done over the years ...  Note, links wont work on the screengrab below. - If looking for my most recent title, TRILLIUM, go to Amazon: /  - Older commercial titles can be found via my Amazon author page. Other MLH art & poetry book projects can be found HERE.
Finally, minor point, it is not clear in the article that I was a 'Graduate' student at the Humber School for Writers. I had already finished my Bachelor of Arts years before at the University of Toronto. I was most fortunate to receive the President's Scholarship to understudy in the 'Graduate Creative Writing Program' with 2x Giller prize winner, M.G.Vassanji.

Noteworthy nugget for die-hard Canadian literary historians - I still have all his notes!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Beach Reads: PARADISE - with pinhole by M.L.Holton

ISBN: 978-9970853-8-9
Thrilled to be included in the third anthology of the Beach Reads series, PARADISE, published by the Third Street Writers based in Laguna Beach, California. (Released early May, 2019.)

When musing on what paradise is and isn't, I realized that Family and Nature are probably the two most defining components of any given life.

Both spheres 'shape' our home lives on this planet. These spheres can manifest as either a living hell filled with strife and acrimony OR they can invite and welcome us to safe places filled with abundance. (For most, it's generally a topsy-turvy mix of both!)

The visual I selected to synthesis these two spheres was an award-winning pinhole paper-photograph that I did some time ago, called Granny's Lounger. To my mind, this image encapsulates the best of both: generational human care-taking and the complex bounty of the natural world.

Granny's Lounger is faithfully reproduced in this delightful volume opposite a charming poem, 'Latched', by Ellen Girardeau Kempler. Ellen's tender poem also honours the often unseen - but never forgotten - natural forces that shape us daily.

If looking for a thought-provoking summer read, pick up this well-assembled anthology.

Double page spread from PARADISE supplied by Third Street Writers - Copyright Third Street Writers