Thursday, May 30, 2019

TRILLIUM by MLHolton tells tale set in Niagara region

A great shout-out by Luke Edwards, in Niagara This Week, covering points Grimsby to Fort Erie ... 
Yes, my latest novel started over a decade ago ... I just couldn't find the 'key' to get into it. 
The moment came when I was thinking about the various media innovations that have changed our lives .. 
Consider how news in Canada was initially sent by courier, then available via printed broadsheets, 
then newspapers, then radio, then black & white television, then colour television - 
and now, today, the internet. All this happened within a span of 250 years. A spit in the bucket.  
That's how I got into my new story ... HOW NEWS TRAVELS ... 
Dive into the on-line version of this profile  HERE. 

Third page in Fort Erie Edition

Three-quarter page  in Grimsby edition

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