Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Two New Reviews of Timely Novel by MLHolton, TRILLIUM

--- Opps! A short apology, dear friends! 

I've just had my ancient laptop refurbished, (new keyboard), and upgraded with new software (Windows 10), and am now boldly stumbling forward. (... ach!  the filing system is sooo different, passwords have 'disappeared' and one drive of info will not 'link' ... arg!) - Still, I did what to get out this brief shout-out to two very kind book reviewers who recently penned their thoughts about my latest novel effort, TRILLIUM.

First up, California-based writer, Veronica Cline Barton. Veronica is a prolific writer in her own right with a very intriguing and active writing blog. Under her #amreading and #amreviewing hashtags, she very kindly wrote the following: -
- TRILLIUM by Author M. L. Holton - ***** 5 STAR REVIEW
'This week I traveled 250 years through time with an historical fiction, multi-generational masterpiece! - Three men, three families, and 250 years of life stories and secrets flow through this masterful tale by author M.L. Holton. 
War between the British and French comes to an end, at the dawn of a new Canada. Land is royally granted, setting up the beginning of unimaginable fortunes and business opportunities for the few, agricultural livelihoods supporting generations for others, and power schemes fueled by jealousy and envy for some that will do anything to get their way.
The TRILLIUM story line is magnificent in the way it has been structured, moving the reader seamlessly through the happenings in each family generation and disclosing the decisions that will impact descendants in the future. Author Holton cleverly ties in historical events to the fictional families and agricultural details of the region that yield surprising new ventures, giving you several ‘ah-hah’ moments that this reader enjoyed.
As the family destinies play out, the lives of the rich and famous, as well as those of more modest means unfold over the decades, giving you an insight to their love lives, fated relationships, family tragedies, scheming personalities, joys and dreams as the generations within the families grow and adapt to this wondrous land. The sadness of lives lost, cruel deeds, revenge driven intentions, illness and lost hope will keep you turning page after page to see how the characters will react—and who will survive and thrive, or not.
The surroundings detailed in TRILLIUM pull you in to witness the beauty and splendor of the land, grand homes, and the drama as it unfolds. I couldn’t put this book down–I was enchanted and mesmerized by the story lines of the families, the characters, and settings from beginning to end. The scope and depth of this story is fantastically told, taking you through generations of family love, hope and drama—slowly revealing the secrets that will bind these families together forever. --- A fantastic read, highly recommended!'
Cool, eh? Veronica also, unprompted, added her 5 STAR review to Amazon, Goodreads and BookPub. - That was very decent of her! - Thank you V! 
Then, a few days later, marvelous Mel, who writes for 'Book Reviews From Canada' blog had the following to say - 
'TRILLIUM follows the stories of several families from different backgrounds as their lives intersect across generations in the Niagara region. This is a very well-done book. ... Holton has crafted a beautifully written and incredibly detailed novel. I loved how character-driven the novel was ... and ... Holton vividly describes the scenery so that you can clearly imagine it  ... Holton has managed to intersect the story lines of so many varied characters and plot points.  ...  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in character focused historical fiction spanning generations.'
---  Cool too, no? 
It is fascinating how people do perceive and interpret this new work through their own perceptual prisms. - Each sees, resonates and amplifies something slightly different. I am so glad that readers are enjoying this timely historical fiction.

Please do feel free to add your thoughts about your read of TRILLIUM too to either Goodreads and/or Amazon (via Amazon CA in Canada, or via AMAZON. COM for American and global options.

(Kindly note, if you're thinking of picking up either an e-book or paperback please note that the currency exchange rates fluctuate from country to country.)

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