Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MLH Fall FUN Raiser! on-line Auction - Join in the FUN!

Prince William Visits Alberta, 2011: Blind to the Tarsands
( Oct 26th Update: GREAT NEWS!! My pinhole photographs have been featured in Fall/Winter issue of Hamilton Arts&Letters Magazine. woohoo! )

It's been a great, hot and BUSY summer. .... As I mentioned in my spring newsletter, I am now planning a 'private' MLH Fall FUN Raiser on-line Auction. To that end, I am offering you TEN unique MLH artworks:

3 memorable oil paintings by yours truly
3 riveting pinhole photographs
3 of my ever-popular photo-collage images

and, to start, ONE large black & white framed giclee print
of a fantastic view of the western end of Lake Ontario

Hosted by the reputable 32 Auctions Inc, this secure custom-tailored PRIVATE AUCTION will give you the chance to 'bid' on these TEN items for the NEXT FIVE(5!) days. Fun, eh? Take note: the on-line auction STARTS at 9AM, Thursday, Oct 25th and CLOSES at 10PM on Tuesday, October 30th.

You can VIEW all items anonymously. When ready to bid, you MUST register on the site to place your bid. Your name & email will remain private throughout the process. Payments can be made by credit card (via Paypal), OR, if you prefer - you can pay me directly, but you MUST BID on the auction site. I have chosen this route to save YOU money. Just think, it is possible that you could own an original MLH item at 50% off retail.

Join the MLH Fall FUN RAISER! on-line Auction - HERE 

 Once the auction closes, the pick-up or delivery of my TEN art works will be organized directly with the final winning bidders. I can deliver items within a 50 km radius of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. Otherwise, a Shipping & Handling fee will apply.

In closing, the advent of the internet in our lifetime has resulted in a tumultuous social transformation. The challenge, for me, as a mid-career artist from Southern Ontario, Canada, is to not only remain 'current' but 'critical' of the global issues that are increasingly impacting all of us at the local level. As one of millions of species, we are in the beginning of a necessary & bumpy 'transition' to a more sustainable relationship to our Planet Earth. It is a transition that not only requires global Good Will but impassioned Positive Thinking at the local level. We're ALL twirling on this globe together!

And Fall is now upon us in the northern hemisphere of this continent. It is a wonderful time of year to look at new colours, new shapes & new ideas - sooooo -

Join the MLH Fall FUN RAISER! on-line Auction - HERE

Have Fun! - And THANK YOU!
Very best - Lindsay
Margaret Lindsay Holton
Golden Horsehoe Artist & Author
On Twitter, LinkedIn and Wikipedia.

 p.s. If you're not interested in the admittedly 'better investment' of the on-line Auction, I have also put up some items from my NEW 'WhiteOut' series on my FineArtAmerica PRIVATE GALLERY. Samples shown below. --- And many thanks to all! xo mlh

'White Out Series', 2012 by m.l.holton

Monday, October 22, 2012

Country Roaming: Fall Shots 2012

 Misty Morn ...
 Burlington Skyway Bridge from Kerncliff Park

 Harvest Time 

 Back Steps

 Miller's Wheel 

 Autumn Reflections on Rocks in Stream 

 Bronte Creek - South End

 Salmon Fishing, Bronte Creek

 Bird Habitat

 Milkweed Landscape

... hey, contented pigs napping in the autumn sun ... 

ENJOY  the Fall... :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Douglas Coupland: Gets it Right Again ...

As I mentioned earlier this year, I intend to post links to other items and artists of current interest. When I saw this 'poster' from Douglas Coupland's latest exhibition, 'Slogans from the 21st Century' at the Daniel Faria Gallery, I just went 'yup' ....

Exhibited at Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto.

Coupland will next 'appear' at the Serpentine Gallery in England for their inaugural 'Memory Marathon'.
Running next weekend, oh, I'd LOVE to be there for that one!