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In the spring of 2012, I was invited to write a bi-weekly column for OurBurlington, a small local news blog in the area. I did this for a year and a bit. This was followed by periodic and longer posts to a larger local news & views source in Hamilton: Raise the Hammer.

Now, in the Spring 2017, I continue to 'keep an eye on' the wonderful and evolving Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario. - My turf. - Recent items have also appeared in The Hamilton Spectator, The Cambridge Times, and Niagara This Week. For an overview of my stories thus far, link HERE.  

Outside of this recent spate of photo-journalism, I have also written two novels, 'Economic Sex' (under pen-name), published with Coach House Press in the 1980s, as well as 'The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous', published by Acorn Press Canada of Ontario, and winner of the Hamilton Ats Council Best Fiction Award in 1999

Under my own artists' imprint, I've produced several coffee table books that explore an on-going area of interest and activity - photography. 

Finally, for a taste of my poetic efforts, (with two poetry books published to date, On Top of Mount Nemo & Bush Chord), consider this gracious tribute of my words by Dr. Carol Soucek King, published during Brick Books 40th Anniversary 'Celebration of Canadian Poetry'. - I also contributed a review there of the inimitable 'Robert W. Service: The People's Poet', (published October, 2015.) 

More of my poetry can be considered on the excellent Canpoetry site - created over a decade ago by the University of Toronto.  I've also been honored that Canadian composer, Tobin Stokes, has set the title poem of Bush Chord into a new choral work performed by renowned choral group, Vox Humana.

In the spring of 2017, in celebration of Canada's 150th year of Confederation, I have released my first 'spoken word' and electropop album, CANADADA: TAKE TWO. (It recently got an excellent review by Glen Brown, Founder of Greater Hamilton Musician.)

Finally, one of my short stories, The Frozen Goose, was published in 'ENGRAVED: Canadian Stories of World War One', in 2014. It is now a completed 25 min short film - written, produced and directed by yours truly.  A sold-out premiere happened at the Art Gallery of Burlington in September of 2016. The first edition DVDs have also sold out. 

There has been lots of press for two years about that effort - with a really TERRIFIC review  in that December Issue of  The View Magazine.  (Swipe to Page 13.) 

The FROZEN GOOSE is now available ON-LINE:- HERE.

 Yes.  Lotsa Serious Fun! 

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