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MLH on location. Interview for Culture Days, 2014
I got the filmmaking bug after working as a Production Assistant for the commercial film house of  Roseanne McWaters & Derek VanLint  back in the early 1980s. I went on from there to co-produce, co-direct and script a 54 minute 'experimental documentary' with a Ryerson University Film & Photo Arts grad, Jane Walker Manchee, that was broadcast, 2 years later, on Rogers Cable 10.

'In the Eye of the Hunter' was a big hit. It had a novel interactive 'open-response line' (predating the internet) that allowed viewers to verbally comment on the show after every broadcast. Comments were eye-opening, insightful, at times unnerving - and always invigorating. The film ran on Cable for 6 months in a late night slot.

I then attended two week-long Canadian Film Production industry seminars: one in New York City, and the other in Brockville, Ontario, (where I met the incomparable Peter Wintonick. Canada's best documentary champion.) Peter and I became - and remained - good friends until his recent passing ... Also, worked one short summer as a P.A. in the Publicity Dept at what was then called the 'Festival of Festivals' and is now called the Toronto International Film Festival, aka TIFF.

Since the mid 2000's I've shot over 40 shorts, less then 20 minutes each. These have usually been embeds in published stories. Most are documentary in nature, though 'experimental' was and remains a keen interest. (How fact and fiction merge is an on-going obsession ...)  I am also sitting on several feature film screenplays that were written over the past decade.

This year, 2015, I've been affiliated with four local film festivals, NIFF in Niagara, and OFFA in Oakville, the Hamilton Film &  Music Festival  in September and the 10th Annual Hamilton Film Festival in November. The first, with a film short, the second, with a photo exhibit in tandem with the screenings in Oakville, the third, a 14 min documentary short in Hamilton and the last, a very short documentary about David Lambert, the fastest knot-tyer in Canada. I also have another video embed in Brick Books of Canada, about the Canadian poet, Robert Service. I am now listed on IMDb. 

Tangentially, I assisted the Filmmaker's Alliance of Burlington get on its feet, have taken several producer workshops with industry professionals via Stage 32, and have had a timely article published in Raise the Hammer, that included interviews with Hal Niedzviecki, famed Canadian 'digital native, and Sybil Rampen, founder of the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre - - The Boob Tube: Three Generations Talk TV. 

Currently, I am developing a fictional short, based on a published short story of mine about WW1. It is intended for release - all willing - in the fall of 2016.  It will be my first 'formal' indie production.
You can follow along, if you 'like' it, over on Facebook - The FROZEN GOOSE
Dedicated website for The FROZEN GOOSE.   / Twitter handle @TheFrozenGoose

MLH 'on the job' - Directing
August 25th, 2015  UPDATE - Plus,  a nice bit of press in The Hamilton Spectator. 
May 10th, 2016 UPDATE -  Q&A with Director of The Frozen Goose, via The Crazy Mind. 
**DONE! -  May 31st, 2016 UPDATE -The Frozen Goose on IMDb. Please rate after viewing.  
July, 2016 UPDATE - The Digital Filmmaker Magazine,  Issue 37, pg 84+, 6 pg 4 colour spread!
August UPDATE -  Decent review on Canadian Short Film Fan.

SELL OUT of the Canadian Premiere at The Art Gallery of Burlington! Sept 11th, 2016.  Woohoo! Coverage in Snapd Burlington

Nov, 2016 UPDATE - Mini review by James Gike, from Burlington Lifestyle Magazine. 
Dec, 2016 UPDATE  - TERRIFIC review, (pg 13) in The View, with FRONT COVER too.
Plus,  'shout out' from Film Critic, Anne Brodie, (at the end), via What She Said Radio/Blog.

Theatrical Release of The FROZEN GOOSE, Dec, 2016
**The FROZEN GOOSE Official Trailer & FILM is now AVAILABLE On-Line - HERE!** 

UPDATE Dec 11, 2017 - Thrilled to have this 25 minute short picked up by cross-Canada educational distributor, McIntyre Media, as both a stand-alone product & incorporated into a stellar Remembrance Day package.  The film also screened 3 times on COGECO/YourTV on Remembrance Day 2017, and aired again in a *CHRISTMAS SPECIAL* with Cable 14, who serve Southern Ontario, on Sunday, Dec. 17th at 6pm. 

(I am currently collating a complete list of my film works from 1984.
Will post that when I'm done .... )

   Official Selection - MLH Short Doc
Official Selection - MLH Short Doc

First Screening - SOLD OUT. 2nd Screening on Nov.9thm 2017. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, I continue on with my short documentary work - 
including recent 'Impressions of the Telling Tales Festival' in Rockton, Ontario
as well as a 12 minute documentary about mighty metal-worker, Doris Trealeaven...

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