Monday, April 27, 2015

Legacy Mural at Velodrome in Milton, Ontario

This past weekend's unveiling of the LEGACY MURAL at the new Pan/Am Mattamy Cycling Centre in Milton did not disappoint. Eighty local artists spent months participated in this 'one-of-kind' wall mural project where each artist created ONE signature panel (12" x 12") to be incorporated into the larger line-drawing whole. Each panel had a basic colour code. Otherwise, artists were free to do what they wanted.

I wanted to do something very simple that would appeal to adults and children alike. 
I ended up using 'dollar store' rhinestones and butterflies to give it that whimsical twist ...
I was assigned block 'A8'....

Pieced altogether, here's the FINAL effect. 
Impressive, no? Can you find my contribution on the top there ?

 This mural is now 'publicly visible' on the THIRD floor of the The Mattamy National Cycling Centre. (it may not stay there permanently, but that's where it's at now.) This grand cycling venue provides a much needed 'cyclists home' in Southern Ontario, Canada, for amateurs and professional cyclists alike. Truly a legacy project for the larger community (unlike the CIty of Burlington's goofed-up money-grabbing 'legacy project' of installing tons of plastic grass into the nationally revered UNESCO Biosphere at City View Park.)

The Cycling Center is located at 2015 Pan Am Blvd, (At the Tremaine Road & Louis St.Laurent Blvd roundabout, circle around WEST to Pan Am Blvd ... South of Derry, North of Britannia.) Click on prior link for more info.

Also, a commemorative book about the LEGACY MURAL (including artists profiles) is soon available, HERE.

 (Justin, photog for Metroland, upper left, is such a photogenic cutie!)  CHCH TV was there too.

Fantastic launch - and equally impressive view of Rattlesnake Point from west side of Velodrome.

UPDATE: Nice bit of press, July 8th, The Hamilton Spectator, in a Special PanAm Edition ... 
Plus, a nice plug on CHCH News

Update, August 2015 - President of the Fine Arts Society of Milton, Ursula McDermid, selling souvenirs from this event ...
Ursula McDermid, FASM President, selling Pan Am memorabilia ... Photo by m.l.holton



Monday, April 20, 2015

Woodland Deer - Painting

It's a kind of mini-miracle, when walking in the woods, to suddenly see a group of shy quiet deer. The sunlight shimmers through their translucent ears before their inevitable quick-bounce exit off into the dark cover of the trees.
Woodland Deer my M.L.Holton - Acrylic on canvas.

 ... I like this IDEA, and have run with it, zapping it a la mlh. 
If interested in purchase, please contact the artist for trim size &  price. .... Enjoy.

Friday, April 10, 2015

MLH Spring 2015 Newsletter & 'Early Bird' INVITATION

Dammit .... lousy weather still .... But, ***SPRiNG*** is coming ...
In mock defiance - and with Great Joy - I bring you the link to my latest Newsletter - 

Will post other 'new works' soon ...