Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Alumni of Influence Award - Margaret Lindsay Holton

Well, that's super NICE! 

Just learned that I am to be given an 'Alumni of Influence' Award by the University of Toronto, via Principal  Donald C. Ainslie.

Ceremony is in November, so miles away yet. But still, wanted to share the GOOD NEWS! 

So often, as an artist, we work away (because we MUST) with little thought of recognition or even sales.

When it all comes together - when others recognize the effort, large and small - it's an unexpected and very gratifying THRILL!

THANK YOU to WHOEVER nominated me! Your anonymity is beguiling: it will pleasantly plague me for the rest of my life! xoxoxoxo mlh :) 

August Company! Alumni Awards, UofT, 2018

Post Event - Press Links:

  Received the following lovely trophy-vase too!