Thursday, March 31, 2016

MLH Spring Newsletter COMING SOON - 2016

First Painting for 2016 - by M.L.Holton - Contact Artist for Size & Price.
Hi Everyone - Just getting ready to send out my Spring Newsletter for 2016 ... If any of you do receive in 'duplicate' or 'in error', my sincere apologies. (It is getting very difficult to single-handedly manage a 5000+ personal 'contact list' without losing vital touch along the way. There WILL be goof-ups, errors & omissions. Please FORGIVE, and just let me know in the comment section below, I will fix it.)  - Otherwise, have a super spring & summer. I will continue to post 'what's happening' on route, and I do hope to catch up with a bunch of you in the fall - perhaps at the local launch of my short film at the Art Gallery of Burlington ...  The Frozen Goose is an an all-round Canadian family classic, starring a brilliant cast of six, set just after World War One ... Additional details on the launch will be coming in Early September ...  'Stay Tuned'. :) Oh, and if you're interested in the painting above, contact me directly. This work is now framed, in a contemporary silver wood frame, and is hanging in my kitchen .... ready for a NEW home.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Super Photo Spring Fun

 The Garden Gate. 
All photos in this series by m.l.holton

VERY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that 4 photographs from this series are now available for purchase via my Fine Art America web-portal. Chose your OWN size, frame, backing material or product. Global shipping. Click on the Super Photos Gallery. 

 What better way to bring in Spring then with a new Super Photo App ... 
Lots of fun with this today, using the 'painter' filter.


 Picnic Table with Stones

 Public Bench

 Snow Drops!!!! 

 Budding Trees!

 Fence on the Beach Strip

 Modern Architecture on the Beach Strip

 Pebbles on the Beach

 Swing, Rope & Christmas Lights

 Snow Shovel BE GONE!

 Wicked Witch of the Beach House

 Take Two- Wicked Witch of the Beach House

 Pussy Willows


 Beautiful Beach

.Dory - contact artist for PRINT

 Welcome to the Beach!

 Lest we forget... We just got rid of this ... 
Still, love the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 

 Laneway 2

 Broken Bridge by M.L.Holton

Winter's DONE - Spring has come ...!