Thursday, September 24, 2015

10th Annual Hamilton Film Festival - m.l.holton

Thrilled to announce that my short documentary about David Lambert: The Fastest Knot Tyer in Canada has been officially selected for the Documentary Short program for the 10th Annual Hamilton Film Festival. Running for one week during the early part of November this festival is WIDE-RANGING with over 200 films, a film expo, and entertainment throughout.

More info here: 
My effort will be showing with a few other short great films - 
WEDNESDAY November 4th, 7pm - $10
STAIRCASE THEATRE, 27 Dundurn Street N. 
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

Originally produced as an embed for a published article on Raise the Hammer in 2014, it's going to be a thrill to see it on the BIG SCREEN - Don't Miss It!


Director, Margaret LIndsay Holton, 
photo by A. Hornby, from Snapd Hamilton