Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Beach Reads: PARADISE - with pinhole by M.L.Holton

ISBN: 978-9970853-8-9
Thrilled to be included in the third anthology of the Beach Reads series, PARADISE, published by the Third Street Writers based in Laguna Beach, California. (Released early May, 2019.)

When musing on what paradise is and isn't, I realized that Family and Nature are probably the two most defining components of any given life.

Both spheres 'shape' our home lives on this planet. These spheres can manifest as either a living hell filled with strife and acrimony OR they can invite and welcome us to safe places filled with abundance. (For most, it's generally a topsy-turvy mix of both!)

The visual I selected to synthesis these two spheres was an award-winning pinhole paper-photograph that I did some time ago, called Granny's Lounger. To my mind, this image encapsulates the best of both: generational human care-taking and the complex bounty of the natural world.

Granny's Lounger is faithfully reproduced in this delightful volume opposite a charming poem, 'Latched', by Ellen Girardeau Kempler. Ellen's tender poem also honours the often unseen - but never forgotten - natural forces that shape us daily.

If looking for a thought-provoking summer read, pick up this well-assembled anthology.

Double page spread from PARADISE supplied by Third Street Writers - Copyright Third Street Writers

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