Monday, June 17, 2013

New Painting - 'eye-cloud'

'eye-cloud' by m.l.holton
(acrylic on canvas - unframed )

The IDEA here is to investigate the notion of how we are increasingly
 placing our 'memories' into corporate controlled "iClouds".
From a distance, the orchid above is seemingly 'hidden' in the 'cloud' ... 
yet, on closer examination, using our own eyes, the hidden flower
becomes distinct, and we thus naturally 'emboss' the image into our own memory.
Ergo, an 'eye-cloud'. No corporation involved. 
The mini ethereal gold spirals represent thoughts ...  

Detail of orchid bloom in 'eye-Cloud' by m.l.holton
For size & price, please contact the artist.

Note: the 'colour' on the larger image is more accurate then the 'detail'.
The black circles in the upper left of that image 
are actually small gold ink spirals, (better seen in the close-up.)

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