Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Conor Harrington, Street Artist from Cork, Ireland

Detail from a Rodney Smith image ...
I was looking at some gimmicky Rodney Smith photographs recently - (in particular the background detail of an interior shot that evoked a somewhat predictable interpretation of another time & another era - look left) - and was also looking at an assortment of abandoned euro-castles shot by urban explorers ... when, by chance & consequence, I stumbled on the wonderful contemporary 'street art' by Conor Harrington.  WOW! To my eye, these images are a lovely fusion of traditional and contemporary that document the omni - 'colonial' decay of Western civilization as well as evoke a surprisingly uplifting 'future in-the-making'.  

On the other hand, it could just be the weather ...    
Samples of Harrington's work follows:

Marvelous, no? 

 p.s. I am trying a larger type size on my posts. 
You like? or not? Let me know. Thanks.

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