Saturday, September 6, 2008

'about-FACE: Photo & Pencil Exhibit' LAUNCH ... The Village Gallery, Waterdown, Canada

Well, THAT was FUN !!!
'Event' Photography' by Margaret Lindsay Holton

'Flamborough County Friday Night Attire'

Excellent turn-out from 10 month BEAUTIFUL baby girl to VINTAGE 80 year olds ... Great country 'vib' to the whole event, with delicious fresh pressed cider and yummy Canadian cheddar ... Lots of yabbing, lots of mingling
... Flamborough County & the village of Waterdown did us proud ...
... lots of head turners ... lots of head turning ... gee, there was a whole lot of 'ricochetin' goin' on !

Remember, 'about-FACE: Photo & Pencil Exhibit
by Ewout de Gelder & myself
is ON until OCTOBER 17th, 2008 @ The Village Gallery
17 Main Street SOUTH, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada
Call Dave for 'directions' - 905-689-1688

'Portrait of Ewout de Gelder, 2008'
by Margaret Lindsay Holton

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