Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oil + Soft PASTELS by mlh

'Dream Bug'

I mentioned earlier in the year that I would 'post' some of my pastel work. Here you go. These, and others, have been done over the course of 20 years, give or take. What follows is fairly representative. Again, there is a 'sampling' of both OIL & SOFT pastel. If you're interested in purchasing the original, (or photo reproduction), let me know. Also, in advance, I apologize for the watermarks in the centre, but I've HAD to do this cuz of 'copiers'... Sorry.

'Cedar Hedge'

'Hole in the Woods'

'Pine Tree' - SOLD

'Wind Swept Road'

'Native Greek'

'St.Johns, Newfoundland' - SOLD

'Haida Gwaii, West Coast' - SOLD

'Killarney' - SOLD

'Buffalo Bill', Mount Nemo, Ontario

'Turtle Doves on the Pond'

'Emperor Penguins'

'Cave Drawing' - SOLD


'Barn Door-One'

'Barn Door Two'

'The Lake at Dawn'

So, what do you think? Do you like these?
Do you have a favourite?

(Sizes are varied, mostly 20x24, or 9x10, and a few are already framed. The items that have sold are available as 'photo repros' ONLY. Let me know, if interested. Thanks.)

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Melody Tadeo said...

Lovely pieces and free-spirited style!