Tuesday, October 20, 2009

... the walk-about ... VIDEO

NB: Dateline: Oct 22th, 2009: If you are seeing 'no video' or are receiving a 'jerky, jittery' video, don't despair. VIMEO is experiencing 'technical difficulties' ... I've been assured this will be 'fixed' in the next few days ... I'm leaving this video up 'as is' until the end of the month so they can perform their techno-magic. Will see where it's all at then (...geesh. comPUTahhhs...)

The summer of 2009 was lousy here, weather-wise. Fall has been better, but, even so, kinda pukey. There WERE, however, a few stellar days during September that kinda made one want to go SILLY!

Sooooooo, guess what?
Yup, I went on a short & silly 'walk-about'.

As you can see, there's nothing very SERIOUS here, nothing EARTH SHATTERING, BIG or BREAKING!! I is just offering a quiet little five minutes two-step shuffle between me, my Self and I.

... sometimes those really are the BEST moments ...

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