Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heritage Photos of Burlington @ The Burlington Art Centre

'Vintage Window: A Pinhole Photograph by mlh'
My entry.  

I was/am a bit dismayed - and annoyed -  to discover that the Heritage people (who were/are running this exhibit now showing at the Burlington Art Centre) printed my supplied digital file from the 'entry form', then mounted and presented this work 'as is'.  Technically, this action represents the complete opposite to the 'aesthetic' and 'reality' of what I do when I am pinholing. The CORRECT thing to do would have been to exhibit my ORIGINAL positive pinhole print, not a secondary digital print-out, (as shown above  - as a digital image ...). 

If any of you want to see the digital print-out - (I have no idea what size they've made it, how they printed it, or who they printed it with, meaning, I'd NEVER 'authorize' this 'digital print' in ANY way...) - check it out at the Burlington Art Centre until the end of February.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the ORIGINAL pinhole photograph pulled from the ORIGINAL paper neg contact me to see 'The Original' at my lakeside studio.

The framed ORIGINAL 8x10 pinhole photograph is available for purchase. I only pulled ONE print, so there is only ONE ORIGINAL pinhole photograph -  signed, dated, and processed by me.

All additional derivative DIGITAL print-offs, done by people & equipment & processes that I wasn't aware of and certainly did NOT authorize, are just that  -  DERIVATIVES. Whatever you do, don't even think of buying one of these. They are 'knock-offs' in the truest sense of the word ...

Live & LEARN.


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