Monday, July 19, 2010

MEMORY’S SHADOW: Pinhole & Photo-Collage Photography by Margaret LIndsay Holton

If you just can't get to Southern Ontario before August 19th, I strongly advise getting a copy of the book 'MEMORY'S SHADOW: Pinhole & Photo Collage Photography' (as seen above) by moi.

With 55 never-before-seen additional images, (and an incisive 'fore-word' by Canada's very own OUTSTANDING documentary film-maker, Peter Wintonick), this hardcover BOOK really is a NATIONAL TREASURE

 With only 50 copies available in this 'Collector's First Ediiton' - priced at just $160 (plus tax) - it's a steal! 

Excellent review by Jeff Mahoney of the Hamilton Spectator - here.

Order below with Paypal and/or your credit card. 

UPDATE: As of November 2013, only 24 copies remain. 

Need help with this purchase? Contact -
  mlhpro at hotmail dot com

Exhibition ENDS August 19th, 2010.

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