Monday, March 5, 2012

Two New Oil Paintings - Winter Magic & Snow Stars

It's been a rotten WINTER all round:  little snow, no ice, no blistering winds, or sustained frozen temperatures. There has been little back-breaking digging: no frozen breath, dribbling noses, frosted fingers or cold toes. There's been no crunchy steps on crispy mornings, no delightful snowflake swirls or crystal clear starry skies.  In short, no blissful white magic. I have missed it. Still, the mood, the feeling, the underlying sense of it all lingers deep within this 'canajun' psyche. Thus, these two new oils revere what hasn't been: WINTER'S MAGIC. - Enjoy.

 'Winter Magic'

 'Snow Stars'

Both items are FOR SALE. 
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