Thursday, April 5, 2012

'The New Aesthetics': Waving at Machines

 Paparazzi Meet Prince Charles & Camilla, Canada, 2009 - Oil by mlh

Earlier this year I mentioned that I would be posting links/profiles of activities in the art world of interest. Yesterday I found this provocative VIDEO of James Bridle giving a lecture in Australia last December. The video is embedded in his website. More then anything, I appreciate that James is attempting to 'curate' the ever-increasing digital world that surround-sounds us. As much as machines watch us, we watch them. Some detest this increasingly intrusive 24/7 surveillance, but others have taken a more pro-active approach that is determined to 'teach' machines to be better, more socially receptive and less alienating.

To my mind, there is no going back. The technology is here to stay (as long as power that drives them exists) and has, in fact, become a mainstay of our existence. Ergo, we MUST adapt, and make the BEST of it.

Sit back and ponder what James is offering. Consider too his age: yup, he sure is a young buck. Now consider his emotional honesty, his desire to IMPROVE where we're headed, how we're getting there, and what to do en route ... His voice addresses our collective Future.

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