Monday, June 4, 2012

HRH The Queen, Her Diamond Jubilee & Some Idiot's Underpants

I was watching the wonderful BBC coverage of the River Thames River Pageant in honor of HRH The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and was kinda stunned by some relatively famous British actor remarking how he was wearing underpants to celebrate the occasion. What a yahoo.

Meanwhile, the Queen, the most stately & precious national 'pearl', is standing in the bitter cold & pouring rain during the final rendition of 'Rule Britannia'. The crowd, for the most part, had dispersed during the latest downpour. Yet, it is she and her 90 year old husband, Prince Philip, surrounded by her grandchildren, who stand stoic against the elements. By so doing, yes, they are honored, but more importantly, STANDING THERE as they do, they pay to tribute to the country that they - and she - so dearly love.

UNDERWEAR????  Psffffft. Dumb dufus. And honestly, BBC, sure, levity to gravitas, but come-on.
Who gives a rat's ass about some idiot's underwear??? 

Queen Elizabeth is truly a most remarkable woman. She has performed her 'duty' unflinchingly for six long & turbulent decades. A global leader and inspiration, she stands head & shoulders above some petty pouncing by a forgotten prat. Nota bene.

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