Thursday, August 9, 2012

My New Digs: Hamilton Beach Strip

 ... ok, THIS I can get used to ...

 Beach strip runs for miles in both directions on western end of Lake Ontario

 Mockingbird perched on driftwood stump, just above a Yucca plant bloom/bud.

 The 'vib' here is very unique. 
It FEELS like a cross between the Toronto Islands, Mexico, Malibu & the French Riviera. No guff.

 One 'negative' feature is these massive hydro towers that run the length of the beach strip.
This hydro power is coming from Niagara Falls.

 Second 'negative' is this REALITY.

 Still, these sandy walkway vignettes beguile & ever entice .. 

 This water bowl has been filled with fresh water and 
left beside the boardwalk for those walking their dogs ... 
How cool, thoughtful & 'community minded' is that??? 

 Clearly, Beach residents love this area ...

With daily views like this - it's no great wonder.
Yup, methinks I'm going to enjoy this new home & location, 
very much.
This is it, my new pad ... And so begins a 'new location' chapter.

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