Monday, September 3, 2012

Zimsculpt @ Royal Botanical Gardens, 2012

Zimsculpt at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario, Canada from canadada on Vimeo.

Not overly happy with this VIMEO 'upload' above. A few musical glitches grate - BUT I think the images of the sculptures are well worth the agra. All in all, this showcase of Shona sculptors & sculpture from Zimbabwe is a wonderful outdoor exhibition packed with Talent & Soul.  Highly recommend. All sculptures are 'For Sale' ranging in price from $40 to $4000. Well worth it, in my opinion, plus $12 Admission. Runs until October.

 Music in the slideshow above by the irreplaceable B.B. King.
(Recording & sync'ing gaffs all mine ... ) 

 'Black & Whlite ... Still Life'
by m.l.holton

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