Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Town of Oakville: Parks & Recreation Spring Guide 2013 - Another 'mlh' FREEBEE

Cover photo image by m.l.holton, entitled  'Paint by Pixels'

 Image was chosen by Town of Oakville Parks & Rec Dept,
from over 90 entries from the 'Capture Oakville Exhibition' of last fall.  
I was solicited, and asked to contribute this work to the Town, for 'free'.

Cover credit in guide (upper right), distributed to 25,000 households in Oakville

My 'Paint by Pixel' image used again on the Town of Oakville website as the HEADER ... 

It certainly would have been NICE to have been PAID for this work.
Ah well, just another 'mlh' FREEBEE tossed out there ...
Can get discouraging.

WHEN will 'users' realize that VISUAL & WRITTEN CONTENT is CREATED ???? 
Sure, I get some local 'promo'/p.r, but seriously, I've been doing this for 35 odd years,
I don't need PROMO or PR as such anymore - 
I NEED people to PAY for my WORK. 
Cheers. mlh

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